May 25, 2010

Review: Marco Benevento Trio @ Bowery

Marco Benevento Trio @ the Bowery Ballroom, May 22

Put three of the scene’s most reflective and expressive musicians together on one stage and it’s sure to be impressive. So it should come as no surprise that the Benevento Trio — consisting of keys master Marco Benevento, bassist Reed Mathis (Tea Leaf Green) and drummer Andrew Barr (The Slip)— transfixed the crowd at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom Saturday as they blanketed the space with their sonic landscapes.

[Photos by Eric Murray]

Beautifully melodic and at the same time exploratory, the music engulfed the receptive crowd. Annoying side chatter was all but nonexistent. Instead, the audience blissfully embraced the moment, all eyes and ears attentive to the action on stage, not wanting to miss a note or fall out of step with a beat.

Benevento — head down, fingers dancing over his keys and playing with effects like a mad but brilliant scientist — was situated stage right. His playing painted the sky, the space, the stars, the sun and the moon of the soundscape, transporting listeners through post-jazz-fueled improvisations. Benevento’s rig up close is a sight to behold! He has an old 66-note acoustic Wurlitzer studio piano tricked out as only he can. Custom bright-red keys connect him to the piano; the front cover removed with color changing LED lights illuminating his effect pedals resting just inside. For the technically inclined, he has the piano mic-ed and running through said effect pedals (your guess is as good as mine!) before running into his amp and a digital resting on top. For those who have seen other incarnations of his bands, this set up is focused on the potential of the acoustic piano — as opposed to all the electronic, digital and toy pianos he regularly employs.

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Tour Dates: Deer Tick Time

If I was to make a list of must-see bands most certainly near the top of it would be the country-infused, folk-rock band Deer Tick. John McCauley & Co. put

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No Phish Festival in Indio This Year

From the moment Phish’s Festival 8 ended on November 1 last year, there have been rumors that the band would return to the Empire Polo Club in 2010 for another

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Hidden Flick: Carouselambra

“Hen til al hvem vil ikke lytte , al er lydløs.”

Through the mirror. Surreal reel begins…just like magic, ‘cept it’s visual gymnastics.

The Joker dangles upside down, taunting and mocking the so-called hero in his final scene. In Heath Ledger’s next film (and his last), his entrance into the film portrays a near exit out of existence, as he dangles from a rope from a bridge; this time, feet down. Ledger finds a way, with the help of two talented filmmakers, to join an idea—indeed, his cinematic coda represents an almost in-through-the-out-door transcendence.

But, I symbolize.

After struggling with how to define Jeremy Davies, one looks at the film career of the late Heath Ledger, and sees that same dilemma. Are these actors pondering metaphysical questions, or are they just human beings looking for answers by playing a part to feel more normal? What the fuck is normal, anyway? What the fuck IS life, anyway? Did Ledger have an answer? Reach for the pearl too soon? Syd Barrett in disguise—a madman posing as a genius? Ahhh…that dirty old question…questioned and beaten up and tossed about in our next go-around as we gaze upon the latest masterpiece, a late-career, much-needed comeback by another curious soul and a true friend to the weird: Terry Gilliam, in this edition of Hidden Flick, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. READ ON for more on this week’s Hidden Flick…

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Briefly: U2 Postpones North American Tour

As we reported late last week, U2’s enigmatic frontman Bono underwent emergency back surgery after sustaining an injury during the band’s rehearsals for their upcoming world tour. While the surgery

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Keller Williams:Thief On The Run

With the album out this week, a summer tour mapped out, and some big dates performing with the Rhythm Devils fast approaching, Keller is busier than ever.  Luckily we stole a little bit of his time – it’s only fair.

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Autolux Returns With 2004 Followup

Excitement is in store for fans who have been waiting around since the mid-00's for the return of LA's Autolux to the music-making scene. The band's followup to 2004's Future Perfect will be released

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