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On June 8 and 9, Medeski, Martin and Wood will play host to a special two-night webcast event that will take place at the Nevessa Soundstage near Woodstock, NY, which will see the band playing a two-set show and sharing insights on the art of improvisation through an interactive Master Class. While a limited number of tickets are available for $100 for one night, and $160 for both – with access to the webcast running you $24.95, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to both nights of the intimate event, as well as one free access code for those of you who are unable to make the trip for what’s sure to be a unique and memorable event.

[Photo by Liz Penta]

The first night will feature two 60 minute sets from the Brooklyn-based act,  performing music from their Radiolarians series in addition to a fully improvised set. The second night will see the avant-jazz-groovers hosting a Master Class,  where the band will illustrate the different ways they use composition to lend structure to interactive group improvisation. The web audience will be able to interact directly with the band by submitting questions and comments live via Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve teamed up with Medeski, Martin & Wood to offer our readers a pair of tickets to the two-night event, as well as one access code to the webcast  as part of our Everybody Wins When We Plug Something And In Return They Offer Us Free Shit To Give Away program.  To enter for the show tickets or webcast code, simply leave a comment below telling us what your favorite MMW album is and why. Whether it’s something like the old-school Friday Afternoon In The Universe, or maybe  you dig the sounds of 2002’s Uninvisible, just give us a brief description of your favorite MMW album. Also, let us know if you’d like to enter for the webcast code or the tickets to the event near Woodstock. We’ll randomly select one of the entries for the event tickets and one of the entries for the webcast code.

Only one entry per person is allowed and the contest ends on June 5. We’ll pick the winners at random and announce them on the 6th.

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31 Responses

  1. The best MMW album is Lets Go Everywhere, their album for children. Not that I wouldn’t have exposed my (future) children to them anyway, but I am thrilled that MMW knows and appreciates the role of music in the lives of children.

    Also, “where’s the music?!” cracks me up every time.

    I’d like tickets to the event near Woodstock, please. 🙂

  2. I’m going with Friday Afternoon in the Universe as I love the more groove-based originals as well as a few covers on that disc.

    – Entering For The Webcast

  3. End Of The World Party (Just In Case) – Concise album that that showcases the band’s sound at that time in their career amazing well.

  4. My fav album is Combustication because it shows off illyb’s breakbeats, which he busts into much less often nowadays.

    I am entering for the webcast access code..

  5. Hmm… I’d have to go with It’s a Jungle in Here. Maybe their most underrated…? It’s full of classic originals as well as some inspired covers. I still marvel at the juxtaposition of Bemsha Swing with Lively Up Yourself. Love how they slip back and forth between those two tunes.

    I can’t get to Woodstock but would gladly accept webcast access!

  6. My favorite will probably always be Shack-Man just because it was the album that introduced them to me.

  7. My favorite is Unvisible; I hadn’t really heard of MMW until college, my bass player at the time introduced me to them, but it still didn’t catch on. Then, while hosting a radio show for a semester, I came across them in the “New Music” pile. I played “I wanna ride you” because I thought the name was funny- had the pleasure of seeing them encore that song in Portland ME (at the recently revived?) State Theatre, complete with ‘harmono-piano’ & acoustic accompaniment. Very cool.

  8. Favorite album is a tough call but after thinking hard on it I’d have to go with “Tonic”. Not only is this a live album but it was an acoustic performance captured at the historic Tonic in NYC. Now I love electric MMW but there’s something really magical happening when John sticks to the baby grand. I love the flow of this disc from start to finish not to mention the song selection. Their cover of Coltrane’s “Your Lady” is worth admission price alone. The original composition ” Seven Deadlies” is dark, evil and beautiful all at the same time. Also great versions of Afrique, Buster & Thaw. Then the album closes with a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Hey Joe” that is so well done it could make a convict cry. I honestly would give every album MMW has done over their 18 year career a perfect 10 but tonic is in a league of its own, ranking in at 11…:)

  9. For me it’s Shack Man. It was the album that got everything started for me. I love the idea of them recording it locked up in a shack lost on a tropical island.

    Woodstock baby!

  10. I like Shack-Man! I can listen to that album over and over! I like how different everything sounds, and the first time I heard it it was not like anything I’ve heard before! MMW is definitely ahead of their time!

  11. When I bought End of the World Party (just in case) from the record store in downtown Geneva, NY the guy behind the counter goes simply, “play it loud” and boy did I; over and over in the car and on the stereo and for most of that whole year. EOTWP was one of the last physical CDs I ever bought and one of my best purchases.

  12. I remember the first time I heard Friday Afternoon in the Universe, i was 18 and hadn’t heard music without words! I was amazed that wordless music could be so good!!!
    Can’t make it to Woodstock, but would love to catch the show online.

  13. “Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps)” is the first album I ever heard, and I was a devotee by the time the second track ended. It’s a greatest hits collection, sure, but a masterfully selected one.

    As far as original work, LOVE “Out Louder” with Scofield.

    Sign me up for the webcast only, please!

  14. Uninvisible has alot of great tunes, “where have you been?” has always been a favorite. its feels like youre watching the album instead of just listening, very colorful. entering for the tix

  15. Lets start by saying all MMW albums groove in there own way so it is hard to put one down that sticks out but Lets go everywhere is amongst my favorites with the hidden track “cat creeps” which is some major grooves..truely hot

  16. Combustication really let me know that these guys were truly wavelength navigatin’ mofoz offering instant access flights to the galactic center …justin’case you missed the 90’s…this and tnt by tortoise really heralded some janky old soul…and real growth!

  17. End of The World Party.

    It is so progressive at the same time still so MMW! Such hard and urban beats and I thought a bit of step away from their comfort zone.

  18. I’ll have to go with Last Chance to Dance Trance. Strance of the Spirit Red Gator is my favorite MMW song!

  19. The Dropper…the crazier the better! I’m headed to see them at Red Rocks tonite!!!

    can’t make it to NY, but would love the webcast

  20. The album that got me into Medeski is Combustication. Picking my favorite ever is quite difficult, though. I have to say that I can jam out to any album while driving. I am going to have to pick Friday Afternoon in the Universe. Chinoiserie has one of the best introductions I have ever heard. I would love tickets!

  21. We Are Rolling is probably the baddest start to a record that I’ve ever heard. Can’t believe that shit was on Blue Note — shows that MMW has major balls, and Blue Note in 2000 was a hip place. Love the distorted clav at the beginning, Billy’s drums coming in, then going out, then coming back in with some furious bass work from Chris.

  22. Def a toss up between notes from the underground, and it’s a jungle in here. What does it for me on both albums are the horns. Notes shows us how raw a straight 88 keys can sound when unleashed by a master. When I listen to Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself I can’t sit still. I love MMW to this day, but it’s the raw grooves on the early albums the lit a fire in me. Billy Martin Billy Martin Billy Martin!

  23. for me it’s still Shack Man. it’s the hook the got me into these guys year ago.
    the album has a great flow that pulls you along for the ride. Tonic would be my second choice as the live experience is what these guys are truly about. that said, I’ll take the webcast pass if I’m chosen ’cause in already going to the Woodstock show.

  24. It’s A Jungle In Here

    Some of the best writing and playing they ever did.
    Mo Ti Mo is literally perfect.

  25. Sorry ’bout that Randy.

    Winners were Dave Flaschner for the show tickets and Alan for the webcast code

    Thanks for entering!

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