RANA Rocks Off Here In the USA

HT faves RANA played a rare gig last night on the Half Moon for a very special Rocks Off concert cruise. The band marked the eighth anniversary of the release of its debut album, Here In the USA, by performing the album in its entirety to start the lengthy set. The quartet also stuck to the album version of fan-favorite Ghetto Queen by including a guitar solo instead of the rap that had become a normal feature of live versions of the tune.

Here’s last night’s setlist…

Half Moon Boat, New York, NY 6/14/10

Good Book* -> Remember My Address*, Not So Mopso, Skin and Bone**, Ghetto Queen***, My One Dear Son, Sad and Lonesome, For Some Time****, Carbombed Again, I’m Not Orfeo, It’s So Hard (Believe Me)*****, I Waste It, 84th Precinct#, Backstage Pass, intro -> Stuck Up a Tree, Wheels of 1000 Ships##, Loves It Automatic### -> Mandy Moore -> Poop Georgette III -> Ring in the Sand, Modern Day Cowboy####, Charm Bracelet, Whenever You Can -> 900 Numbers##### -> Bloodshed, Buy Sell or Break, We Will Not Be Lovers, Smile

The first 11 songs of the set were the Here in the USA album in its entirety
on the 8th anniversary of its release.

* — both with odd, spacey intros
** — Andrew blew out his bass amp before this song, and while it was being
fixed told a story about the Here in the USA recording sessions.
*** — with guitar solo instead of rap, as on the album version
**** — Before this song, Matt and Andrew mentioned that the band used to
take trips to a cabin in New Hampshire, where they learned Beatles songs and
wrote their own, such as this one. Included an unusually long jam.
***** — Began with Scott singing the verse ballad-style, then shifted into
“normal” arrangement
# — with Joe Russo on tambourine
## — new song (Matt), first time played
### — with long, almost robotic funk jam
#### — last known performance 5/12/05
##### — last known performance 2/3/05

[via E. Swain]

Furthur/GRAB/Duo drummer – and RANA guitarist Scott Metzger’s Bustle In Your Hedgerow band mate – Joe Russo added tambourine to 84th Precinct. There’s no future dates currently scheduled for RANA, but hopefully the awesomeness of last night’s show will lead to more gigs soon for the Jersey natives. We sure hope so, ’cause we totally biffed making it on the boat.

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