Grousing The Aisle: Pearl Jam – April 3, 1994

Pearl Jam – April 3, 1994 – Atlanta, GA [DOWNLOAD HERE]

To see a Pearl Jam show back in the early ’90s was something special.  Its hard for me to believe that they have become such an iconic, classic band in their time but back in 1994, they were just a band touring for their 2nd album.  Ok, they were more than just a band touring.  They were a band that put on live shows that really captured the magic and energy of the moment.  The shows were no frills.  No pyro, no backdrops, no ramps.  Just unbridled enthusiasm and energy of a bunch of guys from Seattle willing to do any and everything to make sure you got the best possible show.

Pearl Jam pulled into Atlanta for a two night run at the Fabulous Fox Theatre and when they found out the shows had sold out so quickly, the band decided to broadcast one of the shows on the local radio station 96 Rock.  What was captured was nothing but pure magic.  Thankfully this show was captured as it showcases the band in top form with a setlist that was as diverse as it was exciting.  Opening with the mellow Release, the band launched into an over two hour set featuring songs from both their Ten debut and what was their latest release Vs.  Sonic Reducer was a real face ripping treat and then moving on to deliver a Better Man that still gives me goosebumps to this day.  Closing out with Indifference as the the audience literally joins Eddie Vedder word for word was an amazing way to close an already amazing show.  Yet another one not to be missed!

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  1. After some RHCP from the era right around the recording of BSSM – (1991? – i.e. early shows with Frusciante). Does anything good exist? I’ve not found it, despite extensive searching.

  2. I was at these shows….and have had a Silver Bootleg of this show since 95… COOKS….Ive been a huge Pearl Jam fan since day one and they never cease to amaze me with their live show

  3. I still have my tapes from the radio I made that night. It’s almost a certainty that I have listened to that concert more than any other from any band. Good times, right there!

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