Last Week’s Sauce: June 28th – July 4th

Artist & Title: Pearl Jam – Public Image, The Fixer, Kick Out The Jams
Date & Venue: 2010-06-30 Wuhlheide – Berlin, Germany
Taper & Show Download: Quintana

In last week’s edition, not to be confused with this week’s edition which is about last week, I mentioned that we were looking at the big dogs that allow taping and commenter Joe pointed out, “Where is the Pearl Jam they still allow tapping at all of their shows too!!!”. A fair point, they are one of the biggest. So for Joe, we have this three song encore segment which featured Pearl Jam’s debut cover of Public Image as well as being joined onstage by Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey of R.E.M. for a cover of MC5’s Kick Out The Jams. Pearl Jam plays tomorrow at the BBK Live Festival in Spain.


Eddie reads some stuff in Polish two days later:

Artist & Title: Phish – Tweezer -> Slave To The Traffic Light
Date & Venue: 2010-07-03 Encore Park – Alpharetta, GA
Taper & Show Download: Adam Downs

Well the first leg of Phish Summer 2010 tour is over and most of the buzz revolves around how deep Phish was reaching into their massive repertoire to keep everyone on their toes and bring back the feeling that you just never know what is going to come next. But now that the game tapes have begun to settle in to all the rabid listeners, this 23 minute segment of music has been getting a lot of attention. Have a listen. Phish is off for a few weeks and returns to the stage for a three-night-run at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA on August 5th-7th.


Artist & Title: Steve Kimock’s Crazy Engine – Summer Jam
Date & Venue: 2010-07-02 Nelsons Ledges – Garrettsville, OH
Taper & Show Download: Todd Moore

And closing out this week, I saw this song title on this recent Kimock show, figured it was a very fitting tune given the heat wave that has been punishing the Midwest and Northeast regions of the country and threw it in. Kimock’s next gig is billed as Steve Kimock & Friends and takes place July 23rd at Mystic Garden Party in Corning, CA.


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One thought on “Last Week’s Sauce: June 28th – July 4th

  1. Joe Reply

    Thanks! Kick out the Jams Motherfuckerrs!! (Rockin Forbins too)

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