Phish to Release Coral Sky DVD

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It’s been quite some time since a new Phish DVD came out, so we we’re overjoyed to see that – according to a newly created page on Allmusic which includes a JEMP catalog number – the band will be releasing video of its November 2, 1996 performance at the Coral Sky Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, FL titled Coral Sky. The show came just two days after the groundbreaking Remain In Light cover set in Atlanta and features a ridiculously good Crosseyed and Painless > Run Like An Antelope segment.

We’re still awaiting more details on the release, but at least now we can start salivating over what should be an incredible archival release. Other highlights besides the 45-minute Crosselope include a unique version of Ya Mar that opens and percussion guest star Karl Perazzo’s work throughout. Segments of this show were broadcast on the radio including the aforementioned Ya Mar and Crosselope. This marks the first time video of this gig will be seen by the masses and makes two archival DVD releases in a row from a three month period along with the previously released Clifford Ball set.

Saturday, 11/02/1996 Coral Sky Amphitheater, West Palm Beach, FL

Set 1: Ya Mar, Julius, Fee -> Taste, Cavern, Stash, The Lizards, Free, Johnny B. Goode

Set 2: Crosseyed and Painless -> Run Like an Antelope, Waste, Harry Hood, A Day in the Life, Sweet Adeline

Encore: Funky Bitch

Notes: Karl Perazzo sat in on percussion for the entire show. Butch Trucks joined the band on drums for the encore while Fishman played Trey’s percussion rack. The lyric “Norton Charlton Heston” replaced “Marco Esquandolas” in Antelope. Portions of this performance (Ya Mar, Crosseyed/Antelope, Waste, Hood, and ADITL) were released to the syndicated radio program The Album Network.


We’ll let you know as soon as the band officially announces Coral Sky.

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10 thoughts on “Phish to Release Coral Sky DVD

  1. Grape King Reply

    Phat shoes, bro!

  2. zappafrank Reply

    Yeah! 96 with some more love. When will we get a pre-95 DVD????

  3. Scott Bernstein Reply

    @zappafrank I don’t think they filmed too much before they started bringing a pro camera on tour in the Fall of ’95, but I’m sure they have some goodies in the vault as we saw from the clips included in the 20th Anniversary montage.

  4. mp Reply


  5. Barry Reply

    I did the run of Atl,WPB & Gainesville that tour, amazing times!!! Now I get to re-live it again!!

  6. zappafrank Reply

    @Scott- thanks. I see what you mean about the post-95 video. But they could definitely track down some good video from phans, restore it, synch it, and BOOM: heady ’92 show on your tv.

    It’s a long shot.

  7. makeithappen77 Reply

    Awesome! I made the drive down from NY & it was so worth it. Ridic Crosselope – face melter! Very happy to see this happen.

  8. Tony Handmaker Reply

    I am glad to see a new DVD, but am surprised that they are not releasing Festival 8 or Big Cypress. The best DVD is Clifford Ball and to get another 1996 video is surprising. People would go crazy if they released a 10 DVD disc set from Big Cypress. Why not release it? They have all of their festivals in video. They need to start releasing more stuff. That’s just my opinion, though, fir what it’s worth.

  9. mike Reply

    AWESOME!!! MY FIRST SHOW!!! OMFG this is gonna be amazing. “Crosseyed > Antelope” sealed the deal for me!

  10. Stanlee Mouse Reply

    Thank You Again!

    Who can’t love a band that covers remain in light?
    That was phine, but to keep Crosseyed in the lineup over the general popular Once in a lifetime. DVD I hope balances shots of the Chairmen and the cactus well. Let’s show people what We (band and fan) produce together. Let’s see some spinners lost 8:00min into the Crosslope Jam.

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