Cover Wars: District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Lead singer of The Hampdens Susannah Legge traverses octaves (verses up an octave, chorus in original pitch) as she performs the song in its original key. on the 2008 LP Last Party.


Postal Service is a favorite of a capella groups, as you can see via a simple YouTube search. PandemoniUM has managed to get over 44,000 hits on their rendition:

Rich O’Toole delivers a version heavy on acoustic guitar, fiddle, and mixing male and female voices true to the original on his release In A Minute Or 2.


Sharif produces a bouncy take that makes a turn towards the country during the chorus on his 2009 release Source: Kisses and Lies.


In addition to a capella groups being all over YouTube, there are LOTS of solo performances by the users of YouTube of not just this song, but the entire Postal Service record. I thought we were going to go an entire Cover Wars without a single mention of a jamband and then I saw that Shawni Shimbashi’s YouTube user ID is freshphish09. Damn you Shawni.

Checking in on the Green Earings Cover Wars from the beginning of the month, Kung Fu has emerged victorious.

Ever seen the official music video for this tune?

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