Video: Guster – Do You Love Me

The fall album release party continues on Tuesday with Easy Wonderful from jam-pop act Guster. The Boston-based band, who have been around for 15 years, are poised for more commercial success judging from the album’s catchy-as-hell first single Do You Love Me. We can see the tune headed to television in the near future for that pivotal romantic moment. Check out the video and watch how quickly it gets stuck in your head…

GusterDo You Love Me

Guster kicks off their fall tour tonight with a show at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, TN.

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  1. That’s awesome production technique. Would love to know how they created that effect. That and the song has mass appeal. I can see it going far.

  2. Hi! I worked on the video- what they did to create the effect was slow down the music 20 times to make the song last around a half hour rather than 3 min. The extras created the set by hand in the background while the band mouthed the lyrics and acted out playing super slow. Then they sped the whole thing to regular speed. They added in some illustrations on the computer but mostly everything was done by hand, by Jon Sarkin and the rest of the crew. A great and fun experience!

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