A Rare Look at Phish as a Five Piece

Spring ’88

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9 thoughts on “A Rare Look at Phish as a Five Piece

  1. Neddy Reply

    Fanatastic stuff, HT

  2. Lol Reply

    Nice hair, Mike!

  3. zappafrank Reply

    Awesome pix!

  4. phaedrus Reply

    nice pics…

    Dave Mustain in the 2nd pic?

  5. Daniel Marshall Reply

    Scott, feel free to drop me a hello anytime. I have some video of that earthday show. I remember us shooting them setting up, and Mike Hayes of Nolan and Hayse ( another local band that played at Finbars )But I think when Phish Started to play, the camera got set down to DANCE ! oh well, I will look for it. All the best ! daniel marshall

    • Ryan B Reply

      Daniel, I don’t know if Scott ever got in touch with you, but the footage that you have is priceless, and if you have found it, we need to get it digitized. Especially if there is any footage of them playing. Let me know if I can help!


      ryanfbaker at gmail

      • Daniel Marshall Reply

        Ryan, I left you a comment below

        peace, Daniel

  6. Daniel Marshall Reply

    Ryan, I have several more photos and video, but every time I share something, the photo credits go away from everyone of us that took photos, The photos “courtesy of ” drops off and I end up seeing them all over the place. http://blog.priceonomics.com/post/48216173465/the-business-of-phish
    I get that with social media, but…
    Eventually some one calls me an idiot and tells me I wasn’t there ” dude “. This was my life also, and memories of a time that brings ” me ‘ great happiness. That really takes away from it… it can actually be hurtful
    Maybe you will understand why I shy away. One of my housemates and closest friends kept great journals of that period.
    Kevin knows where to find me if he needs anything
    all the best, daniel

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