Mac DeMarco Makes Gold With Mini LP ‘Another One’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


macdemarco2Mac DeMarco has most recently become indie rock’s golden boy – and deservedly so. The twenty five year old artist has put a lot of effort into becoming America’s favorite Canadian synthy dad-rock idol. That’s why when the self-proclaimed “jizz-jazz” artist announced his latest mini-LP Another One, the world looked around for witnesses, and then silently fist bumped into the air, excitedly anticipating what he would do next. Before Another One had even seen the light of day the eccentric DeMarco released an instrumental “BBQ Soundtrack” Some Other Ones as a preemptive strike to give fans a taste of his current leanings, mixes, and potential riffs that may have been associated with the upcoming LP. The wait is officially over (barring a leak or two along the way) and damnit, was it worth it.

DeMarco’s first EP (and later full length) Rock and Roll Nightclub embodied a moment in time where the then 22 year old was attempting to make his mark on the world, an effort that would lead to the acclaim he’s achieved to date. Another One is unmistakably a throwback to that initial effort. The dreamy keyboards mixed with the easy cymbals and light guitar flares transports you to an imagined place in time where DeMarco’s “family vacation through the Carolinas” fashion tendencies make sense, and the use of VHS and wonder at spontaneity still exist. Initially the first track on the album, ‘The Way You’d Love Her’ eases the listener into a state of content, masking any possible differences from recent work that may send away the wayward fan. The continued use of an unchanged reach between his glam rock roots and teetering pop-synth outlook never feels tedious or repetitive, instead embracing the diehard fan and bringing close the non-believer.

Moving forward, title track ‘Another One’ is indicative of the album itself, expressing undertones of the laissez-faire attitude and expression of self-reliance that comes with the creation of a mini-LP. The best part of DeMarco’s latest release is the fact that he’s dubbed it a “Mini-LP” rather than an EP. Nothing could be truer, as the work is quantified lyrically and melodically in a way that is not consistent with an EP. DeMarco’s ability to contort each individual piece from a typically easy listening elevator track into a well-loved, well-written summer soundtrack is not only telling of his talent as an artist, but also of his unruly expectations of himself as a musician, something that heeds heavily as a factor once you reach the end of the album.

In an unexpected twist, DeMarco invites every listener to his home to enjoy a cup of coffee. Where many artists in the past invite their fans to these types of interactions, DeMarco actually gives out his real home address, a move he later explained is fair considering the small, unreasonably navigable town he lives in and the difficulty getting to his house. If folks can actually make it there, “they deserve that cup of coffee.” The notion is romantic, and incredibly ballsy considering the usual stipulations normally surrounding an artist’s privacy.

The uniformed may dub this a coffee house album, something to play in the background as budding creatives sip expensive Peruvian drips. Nothing could be further from the truth. Less for the satisfaction of his adoring public, and more to the point of what we know he’s capable of, Another One is a bridge in the gap between his earlier cuts, and future sound. Cheeky, yes, but also sincere and seemingly heartfelt, and fitting to DeMarco’s general sensibilities. In addition to the Mini-LP, DeMarco released a video to the title track, and a making of that video. Both are worth watching, as the mischievous flare puts a perfect cap on the soon ending summer.

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