SONG PREMIERE: Boroughs Exude Twangy Charm On “Stay With Me”

When I first heard Boroughs I was caught off guard. This young quartet from Los Angeles was tapping into something reminiscent of Whiskeytown and Wilco in their more sentimental moments. There was the twang of JD Carrera’s seductive pedal steel and the honest, simple lyrics of Kyle Neal, whose smokey vocals with just a slight rasp were backed by the kind of sublime harmonies achieved by bands like Dawes and Bright Eyes (circa I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning). Needless to say, Boroughs won me over and I had never even heard of them, but I knew I wanted more.

Although they have only been around for less than a year, Boroughs having been gigging steadily in Southern California and catching the ears of excited listeners with their countrified folk rock that’s as mellow as it is pleasing. On December 4th they will release their self-titled debut EP, and we are excited to premiere one of the album’s standout tracks right here on Glide Magazine. “Stay With Me” starts unassumingly with a shuffling drum beat and just a slight twang before Kyle Neal’s enchanting vocals grab your attention and make you swoon along to this tale of the never ending search for meaning out of that feeling called love.

Reflecting on the origins of the song, Neal says, “’Stay With Me’ came out of nowhere. I wasn’t trying to write a song, I was just playing around with some chords I thought sounded nice together and then, seemingly out of nowhere, the song just kind of happened. It’s a song about not being able to put your feelings about a person into words but knowing that things just feel better when they are around.”

Give a warm listen to “Stay With Me”…

Boroughs release their debut EP on December 4th. For more info and music check out


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