ALBUM PREMIERE: Devin Sinha’s Thought Provoking/Twangy Melodic ‘Our Past And Present Futures’

The 12 songs on Devin Sinha’s third album Our Past and Present Futuresbreeze by in one continual swoop of a singer-songwriter peaking at his art. Sinha’s voice is the lead instrument one that muscles each composition with a timbre that sounds years beyond his age.  Somehow Sinha sounds familiar and comfortable but then he surprises you when you least expect it. Whether its a gravitational note, a gloomy yet hopeful melodic swing or introspective lyric, Sinha easily falls brackets among peers like Bonnie Prince Billy and Damien Jurado, while honing a pure 70’s singer-songwriter ethos of bare boned vulnerability.

On Our Past And Present Futures (due out February 5th),  Sinha delves into the heady realm of choice versus fate, and the ephemeral nature of life – and time – itself. “One theme of the record that even permeates the title itself is the notion of how the choices we make now and in our past affect what options, opportunities, and, broadly, life is available to us in the future” explains Sinha. Time is a river, continually flowing, and it’s in the myriad tiny moments that make up this flow that Sinha finds his muse. “The light from the stars that only now reaches us is already years old. Whether it’s the flicker of a candle flame or the snap of a camera shutter, reality is a continuous transition.”

Glide is proud to premiere Devin Sinha’s gem Our Past And Present Futures in its entirely below, one that sure will captivate as we roll into February of 2016….



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