Bryan Cranston Re-Enters the Drug World in Trailer for ‘The Infiltrator’

Bryan Cranston continues to prove that he can do no wrong as the first trailer for his latest movie, The Infiltrator, shows in copious abundance.

Sporting one of the more rockin’ staches ever committed to the face of mere man, Cranston steps into the role Robert Mazur, a wildly successful undercover customs agent tasked with infiltrating and taking down the most powerful drug dealers of his day. After another mark in the win column, he’s all set for a quiet life as a regular agent. That is until an opportunity to takedown none other than Pablo Escobar presents himself, forcing the agent to go undercover one last time.

This is, of course, inspired by a true story, and it’s one that’s been trod plenty of times in recent history. There’s a kind of odd fascination with Escobar and his Medellin Cartel that makes the life of the world’s most famous drug smuggler so irresistible to both audiences and storytellers. And, honestly, any excuse to put Cranston on the screen is a good enough reason for any project to exist.

Joining Cranston in the cast is John Leguizamo, Diane Kruger, and Amy Ryan, making The Infiltrator a star-studded affair that’s sure to draw people into the box office. But really, Cranston proves to be the main draw. His range is perfect for the unwilling but highly capable agent, and as several clips from the trailer show, he’ll bring the right amount of humanity to this real life character.

As well-trod as the story of Escobar already is, The Infiltrator seems set to present a new side to the story of his eventual demise, all while giving us a film filled with action, humor, drama, and intrigue. You can’t really ask for much more from your cops and robbers stories, when you get right down to it, which should make The Infiltrator become one of the must see movies of the summer season. (Points off for using “Stranglehold,” though. That song’s gonna be in my head all day now.)

The Infiltrator opens July 15 in theaters everywhere.

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