SONG PREMIERE: Grant Farm Make The Most Out Of Life With Country Jam “Fill Your Cup”

Since 2009 Boulder, Colorado band Grant Farm have been touring constantly, winning fans over with a style of music that brings to mind jam band acts like moe., the Grateful Dead and Phish, but with a proper country twang. It’s the more countryish element of the band that has gives their sound a rustic, organic quality. Fronted by guitar player and vocalist Tyler Grant, the band has always struck the rare balance of being able to balance quality songwriting and singing with an ability to improvise, making them a draw within the jam scene and for lovers of Americana and alt-country.

On June 10th Grant Farm will release their third album Kiss The Ground. The concept album takes a good hard look at the working people of this country and the hardships they face on a daily basis, and does so with a message of keeping your head up and staying positive. Kiss The Ground is undoubtedly one of Grant Farm’s strongest collection of songs to date as it shows off the band’s lyrical prowess when it comes to writing poignant, universal songs, as well as their spontaneous energy as a band known to space out and jam. Most importantly, the album captures that down-to-earth, close-to-the-soil realness of a band devoted to the beauty of the world around them.

Today we are excited to share an exclusive sneak preview of one of the standout tracks on Grant Farm’s Kiss The Ground. “Fill Your Cup” is a down home, uplifting take on getting over the little hurdles life throws your way, and it’s all driven by the soothing sounds of the band’s easygoing harmonies and the keyboard playing of Kevin “Money” McHugh. In other words, “Fill Your Cup” is a song about turning the dark to light and feeling good, no matter what the circumstance. 

Offering his own take on the song, Tyler Grant says, “‘Fill Your Cup’ is an anthem for those who have struggled to overcome obstacles along life’s path, offering the hope of satisfaction with a full glass of the good life that is available to them. An ode to those who have faced hardship, authority and addiction, this song showcases the solid musicianship and ringing vocal harmonies which Grant Farm is famous for.”


Grant Farm release Kiss The Ground on June 10th. For a full list of tour dates and more music visit 





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