‘American Gods’ Releases First Trailer at Comic Con

Starz has been making some significant gains in recent years; since first jumping into the original content game with Spartacus, they’ve seen their stature grow tremendously over time to become a source of quality programming. While still never reaching the heights of, say, HBO, they’ve forged a name for themselves with boundary pushing, unique content that attracts alternative viewers. The inroads they made within the geek community last year with Ash vs Evil Dead laid the groundwork for their current success, setting the stage for their latest original program.

From the mind of Neil Gaiman comes American Gods, the story of a normal guy who finds himself embroiled in a conflict between the old, forgotten gods of yesteryear and the new gods who’ve taken their place. Ricky Whittle stars as Shadowmoon, the human assistant to Mr. Wednesday (played by Ian McShane of Deadwood fame), the leader of the old gods whose identity is no secret to those who know the etymology of his name.

Starz released the first trailer for the series, which debuts next year. The footage is stark, presenting a realistic world where gods and mean walk shoulder to shoulder without realizing it. This is good news to anyone who’s read the Gaiman novel, which weaved its tapestry straight from the fabric of reality to create a world both frightening and fantastic.

The series is set to co-star Crispin Glover, Gillian Anderson, Orlando Jones, and many more as the two factions of gods begin to face off for the adoration of humanity. Co-producer by Bryan Fuller, of Hannibal fame, the series premieres in 2017.

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