‘Trainspotting 2’ Gets Sparse Teaser with Original Cast

The teaser for Trainspotting 2 (or T2 for the those who forgot about the true T2) landed to the delight and horror of fans everywhere as the collective populace must now sit on the fact that they did this. The rise of the sequel and reboot has led to this moment where Danny Boyle either tops off a masterpiece he had seemingly polished twenty years ago, or he fucks it all up and loses respect from all who praise him.

So far we know nothing has changed. That ambiguous ending we were left with at the end of T1 (let’s just go for it y’all) was both terrifying and exhilarating as it mirrored life as we know it. Sure, we’re not all junkies with a constant need for a reboot in order to get out of that lifestyle, but we know what it’s like to have the best intentions and an uncertain future. Renton was either going to fuck it up, or have it all, but we were the ones who chose what we thought was best for him.

The fact that “nothing has changed” means that Renton failed. Let’s be realistic, did we want to see him succeed? A little, but it was much more entertaining to watch him fuck around. If Begbie, Spud, and Sick Boy are all around it means that they’ve all continued this life of fuckery, or cleaned up. Do we need to see that? Do we want to? The answer is of course yes because we have no self-control. But just remember, if we’re all groaning about T2 ruining the simplicity and beauty of T1, we did it to ourselves with our bullshit nostalgia. Either way, good job guys.

Trainspotting 2 is expected on February 10, 2017.

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