‘Gilmore Girls’ Returns for More Banter, Coffee, and Small Town Living

The trailer for the hotly anticipated new season of Gilmore Girls was released today, proving that the quick witted world of Lorelai and Rory is fully intact nearly a decade since leaving the airwaves. In what was a magical place that never changes, Stars Hollow seems to have stood the test of time, remaining just as completely improbable and adorable as ever. The gazebo, Luke’s, The Dragonfly Inn, and Doose’s Market all make an appearance, familiar places we all know and love set to the signature Indigo Girls-esque background music before finally giving us the payload: Lorelai and Rory drinking coffee and chatting away as if we never left them.

Premiering as a “four-part event” Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will almost certainly be just that. We won’t necessarily be picking up where we left off, but in this quaint world of small town living, we’ll definitely get the lowdown at least two minutes into the series. While I’ve personally been teetering on the edge of loving and hating the nostalgia driving these additional seasons, sequels, and reboots, I think Gilmore Girls will give exactly what you give to it—a happy memory of a time where this kind of television thrived. There was a worrisome quality in their weirdly shoehorned Amy Schumer and John Oliver pop culture references, but perhaps it’s because we left the characters in 2007 and hoped they remain immaculate forever.

Truthfully, fans of the series would watch Lorelai and Rory go back and forth over coffee until their eyes started bleeding, but ideally the “season” will delve deeper. There’s been talk about the returning cast members since the announcement of the release, and if we’re lucky they’ll be able to get past the surface level of familiar faces popping in just for the hell of it. If they want to give us a year in the life we can expect love triangles, tragedy, break ups, make ups, and caffeine fueled mother daughter disagreements galore! It’s tricky to expect too much from these revamps of popular series, but Gilmore Girls would be tough to screw up. Neither one of the leading ladies has been replaced with a more popular actor to get buzz on the project, so, so far so good.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres on Netflix November 25th.

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