Film Bits: RIP Kim ‘Hatchet Face’ McGuire; ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Releases Amazing Trailer; ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Casts Female Lead

‘Annabelle 2’ Unleashes Terror in Announcement Teaser


The umbrella of The Conjuring opened a little wider with the release of the first teaser for Annabelle 2. Annabelle, of course, was a spinoff movie that featured the scariest part of the first Conjuring movie, a doll possessed by a malevolent force. The first Annabelle solo movie did little to push forward the mythos in any meaningful way, but it wasn’t without its moments of spine tingling terror. The new teaser, however, is scarier than anything offered in the first movie as a visibly shaken Miranda Otto (24: Legacy) approaches a tea party being held by a young girl and a very unwelcome guest. Armed with a crucifix, the creep factor gets amped up real quick in a goose bump inducing moment. While teasers aren’t often a true depiction of how scary (or good) a movie might be, it’s worth watching for fans of fright. Give it a watch below. Annabelle 2 opens May 19, 2017.


Owen Wilson and Ed Helms are Both ‘Bastards’


Owen Wilson (No Escape) and Ed Helms (Vacation) go on a cross country journey to find their real dad in the first trailer for Bastards. After their mom (Glenn Close) reveals that the stories of their dead father weren’t ever true, the duo set out to talk to their mom’s old lovers, which includes NFL legend Terry Bradshaw, Ving Rhames (playing Bradshaw’s former NFL buddy) and a particularly hot headed J.K. Simmons (The Meddler). The film is the first directorial outing from Hangover cinematographer Lawrence Sher and was written by Justin Malen (who’s written an episode of Trophy Wife and has a whole slew of upcoming projects in the pipeline). Watch the trailer below. Bastards opens January 27, 2017.


Tom Ford returns with ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Trailer


Amy Adams (Batman v Superman) and Jake Gyllenhaal (Southpaw) play ex-spouses in a thrilling meta-narrative, Nocturnal Animals, from Tom Ford. Adams plays Susan Morrow, who receives a manuscript written by her ex-husband which she interprets as a not-so-veiled threat of revenge. Forced to confront realities about herself and their relationship, Susan finds herself lost within her ex’s manuscript (which serves as a story-within-a-story for the film). Michael Shannon (Elvis and Nixon) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Avengers: Age of Ultron) co-star in what looks to be a taut thriller. Nocturnal Animals hits limited release on November 18, with a wider release to follow.


Netflix Announces Antichrist Comedy from ‘Tucker and Dale’ Director


Netflix announced the acquisition of the new horror comedy, Little Evil. Adam Scott (The Overnight) stars as Gary, who’s enjoying his new life with his new wife Samantha (Evangeline Lilly, Ant-Man), when he begins to suspect his wife’s six-year-old son may be the antichrist. The film is to be written and directed by Tucker and Dale vs. Evil director Eli Craig, who’s horror comedy chops make him well suited to handle this The Omen inspired plot. The project was only just announced, so no release date has been revealed for the project, but if it sticks to the normal Netflix path, we can most likely expect Little Evil to hit the streaming service sometime next year.


‘Pacific Rim 2’ Finds Female Lead


Pop singer Cailee Spaeny has been cast as the female lead in Pacific Rim 2 alongside John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Scott Eastwood (Suicide Squad). Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro (Crimson Peak) has long tried to get the sequel to his kaiju vs. giant robot epic off the ground, and returns as producer while Steven S. DeKnight (Daredevil) helms the director’s chair. The first film was a modest success at the box office, though did quite well internationally, and fans have long clamored for a sequel. Production seems to be gearing up and beginning in earnest though, as of yet, no release date has been announced for the film.


Hatchet Face Actress Kim McGuire Dead at 60


Kim McGuire, who played the bizarre character Hatchet-Face in the John Waters classic Cry Baby has died at age 60. The actress had been undergoing treatment in a Florida hospital, where she was undergoing treatment for pneumonia. Her husband, Gene Piotrowsky, confirmed his wife’s passing in a heartbreaking tweet on Twitter. Though the actress had only a few roles to her name, she’ll forever be a part of pop culture history thanks to her appearance in Cry Baby.


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