The Youngest Make Immediate Impact With ‘See It Through’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

youngest2With their second album See It Through, The Youngest discover a fine line between the wistful and the resolute. The blend is not only impressive, but memorable as well, a divide that finds the band standing apart from their contemporaries with a sound that’s instantly accessible while boasting an unmistakeable allure all its own. Their’s is a blend of subtlety and finesse that generally avoids the obvious, but still makes an unavoidable impression all the same.

To be sure, The Youngest are no slackers when it comes to delivering an emphatic presence. Initial tracks “Built To Last” and “Red Corolla Rental” are as emphatic as the determined rockers offered up by the competition, but their ability to temper the proceedings with the upward spiral of songs like “In Gulf” and “Minyone,” not to mention the meditative musings of closing track “Kind Like Gravity,” provides an additional emotional additive, one that gives pause and reason for reflection. This is a band with a greater degree of finesse than most, and despite its prevalent pop sound — the perky “Big Brother’s Love” being one of the album’s best examples — it offers cause for repeat hearings, if for no other reason to probe the subtleties and suggestion that reside just below the surface.

Consequently, though only two outings into their career, The Youngest have already distinguished themselves as a band well watching. The presence of Pat Sansone (Wilco)and a sizeable contingent of support musicians doesn’t hurt either. Yet, for whatever the reason, See It Through emerges as one of those albums that creates an immediate impact, signalling the start of a career that boasts infinite possibilities. The Youngest belie the inexperience their handle otherwise suggests, and yet make no mistake. It’s not the work of wizened old men, but rather a collective consciousness that’s both worldly and wise regardless

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