Film Bits: ‘Alien: Covenant’ Looks Scary As Hell

‘Alien: Covenant’ May Just Right ‘Prometheus’ Wrongs

alien covenant

After the disappointing effort of Prometheus, Ridley Scott returns once more to the world of Alien for Alien: Covenant. The second in a planned trilogy of prequel films, Covenant follows a group of colonizers alone on a new planet who discover…well, you’ve seen the originals. From the looks of things, this movie furthers the bridge between Prometheus and the original Alien, and hopefully will expand upon some of the more metaphysical ruminations that made its predecessor so baffling. It would be nice if we got some more explanation, but it’s also nice to see the return of face huggers and xenomorphs as we properly understand them. It’s hard not to get hopes up, but it’s also hard to forget how good Prometheus looked, too. We’ll find out on May 19.

(20th Century Fox)

Final ‘Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2’ Trailer Released

Baby Groot Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2

The final trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 dropped last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, giving us one final glimpse at the return of Marvel’s most entertaining squad of heroes before its premiere in May. At this point, you already know if you’re in or you’re out, and there’s probably not much here that will convince you either way. Still, there are a few tasty tidbits to be found, including more Baby Groot and our first glimpse at Kurt Russell as Chris Pratt’s long lost father. That should give you plenty to digest before the main course is delivered on May 5.

(Marvel Studios, Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Brad Pitt Leads New Netflix Original

war machine

Netflix lined up some serious talent for their new movie, War Machine. Based on the book, The Operators, by Michael Hastings, War Machine takes a satirical look at the Afghanistan war with a focus on the people running things behind the scenes. Brad Pitt (World War Z) and Tilda Swinton (Doctor Strange) lead the cast of the new film, which was written and directed by David Michod. The teaser is brief but gives us a glimpse at the kind of humor being presented by the film, which joins the ranks of Dr. Strangelove and Three Kings as war satire. War Machine premieres on May 26 via Netflix.


David Fincher Goes Inside the Mind of Madness


David Fincher had massive success with Netflix’s House of Cards, and now they reteam again for a new series, Mindhunter. The series follows a group of FBI profilers as they hunt serial killers and rapists, which is well-trod territory for television, but the addition of Netflix opens the door wide in terms of possibility. Fincher being in the mix certainly doesn’t hurt, either. The brief teaser doesn’t give much away, but it certainly tells us a lot about the dark tone of the series. Given their success with their other original series, this is definitely a show to look for. Mindhunter premieres in October.


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