SONG PREMIERE: Elli Perry Teams Up With My Morning Jacket’s Carl Broemel On “A Train Will Come”

When Nashville-based singer-songwriter Elli Perry began writing songs for her new album, she was in a difficult place in life. This was in 2014, a time when she found herself creatively spent from life on the road, exhausted from a years’ long battle with depression, and reeling from a painful divorce. She stepped away from the stage in order to recover, this time crossing oceans instead of states in her search for inspiration and a place to call home. First in a stone cottage in the French countryside, and later in a wallless house in the coastal jungles of Costa Rica, Perry wrote the bulk of the songs that would become Little Thieves, which is due out March 31st. The album, tracked to tape in nine days with producers Adam Landry and Justin Collins (Rayland Baxter, Vanessa Carlton, Deer Tick), is an arresting paean to the loves and lives she has known around the globe. But above all, it is reflection of a woman and an artist carving her own unusual path forward, regardless of where it may ultimately lead.

Today Glide Magazine is excited to premiere one of the singles on Little Thieves. “A Train Will Come” is a soulful and twangy slice of Americana tune that ”juxtaposes longing for home with an incessant need to roam. It also features My Morning Jacket’s Carl Broemel, who lends his hypnotic steel guitar playing to the track.

“I was on tour a few years ago and with about five minutes of contemplation decided to get the words ‘a train will come to take me away’ tattooed on my fingers. People always assumed they were song lyrics, which at the time they weren’t. But they ended up becoming lyrics a couple years afterwards when I was on tour again; I wrote them into the opening line of this song in the back seat of my car, minutes before a show.”


Elli Perry releases Little Thieves on March 31st. For more music and info visit

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