Low Cut Connie’s ‘Dirty Pictures (Part 1)’ is an Essential Rock and Roll Party Record (ALBUM REVIEW)

If you’ve ever been to a Low Cut Connie show, you’ve been a part of that infectious, booty-shaking, head-banging energy they bring to every performance. It is undeniable and impossible not to get sucked up by when you’re watching front man Adam Weiner dance like a madman atop his piano, conjuring up a kind of new age Elvis.

As the Philly band continues to grow and evolve, their sound gets tighter and tighter with each record and each show. And their latest release is a culmination of all that boundless energy. Dirty Pictures (Part 1) is a the first of two records the band will release in the next year, which only proves they have no intention of slowing down and taking a breath, no matter what’s going on in the world around them.

Dirty Pictures(Part 1) is the kind of rowdy party record we expect from Low Cut Connie, but with all of the incredible polish and sophistication of a band that has really figured out who they are. As always, Weiner’s songwriting is equal parts brilliantly catchy and hilariously funny. He never takes himself too seriously, giving him the edge he needs to pull off belting out songs about venereal diseases (“Montreal”) and women who are out of his league (“Angela”). Vocally, Weiner is uninhibited, able to tap into a wide range of tones and volumes with absolute control and thought, like a true showman.

“Revolution Rock n Roll” begins with a slow build of piano and Weiner’s fuzzed out vocals, before exploding into an anthem for losing your mind and dancing it all away. This is Dirty Pictures’ most solid earworm, sure to get you off your feet. Its companion is “Dirty Water”, a blues rock gem with a chorus that will stick in your brain all summer long. “Death and Destruction” is the ideal song for our time, as it finds a rambunctious rock and roll tune in our desensitized numbness.

What makes Low Cut Connie so special is the band’s fearlessness when it comes to getting a little sloppy and a little silly, and that looseness comes across on Dirty Pictures(Part 1). Weiner and his bandmates leave it all on the stage (or recording studio floor) every single time, and that commitment to their craft is what continues to make them worth following wherever they lead us.

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Photo: Mara Robinson

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