Film Bits: ‘Justice League’ and ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ Release New Trailers

‘Justice League’ Rules NYCC With New Trailer

We’re only a month away from the release of Justice League, the culmination of the DCEU’s troubled universe that began with Man of Steel back in 2013. Finally, all the heroes of the DC universe are to be united against a common enemy, Steppenwolf. The new trailer, unveiled this weekend at NYC Comicon, gives us a small taste of the world ending action director Zack Snyder has in store for us, and this appears to be peak Snyder. It’s difficult to form a judgment about the film based on the trailer alone, but the heavy reliance on CGI for both the world and the characters is sure to be troublesome for many fans and critics, who have bemoaned the use of the technique for the recent movies. Still, if the film can manage even half the heart of Wonder Woman from earlier this year, we should be in for, if nothing else, a fun time at the movies. Justice League opens November 17.

(Warner Brothers)

First ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ Trailer Throws All the Punches

Guillermo del Toro’s surprise cult hit Pacific Rim almost begged to be expanded into a franchise. It’s stunning world building and cinematic fun was the kind of movie that would do well with an extended universe. While del Toro hasn’t returned to helm the sequel, the first trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising showcases new director Steven S. DeKnight’s faithful adherence to the world. Like its predecessor, it seems to hinge on the promise of allowing the audience to witness giant robots punching giant monsters (which, if we’re being honest, if enough for me). This time, however, we get the added promise of seeing giant robots fight each other. We don’t know why yet, but there seems to be some strife in the Jaeger corps, leading to some good ol’ fashioned robot brawling. Plus giant monsters—cannot stress that enough. Pacific Rim Uprising is slated to hit theaters on March 23.


Get a Final Glimpse of ‘Mindhunter’ Ahead of Friday Premiere

Netflix and David Fincher’s latest collaboration, Mindhunter, premieres this Friday and the streaming service has given us one final look at the upcoming series, which examines the birth of the FBI’s study of serial killers. Given the success Fincher and Netflix have previously had, with the wildly popular House of Cards, this stands to be another homerun for the network, and gives us another excuse to stay glued to the TV for 10 hours. This new trailer shows off some, for lack of a better term, lighter moments from the intense sounding series, giving us a glimpse at the kind of depth this series will have. Mindhunter premieres this Friday, October 13.


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