Gale Anne Hurd Thinks The Upcoming Crossover Between ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Will Be A ‘Win-Win’

With the recent re-introduction of Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) in a recent episode of The Walking Dead, a character not seen since the end of the show’s first season, fans thought maybe they’d found an answer to which character would be the one to crossover between AMC’s hit show and its companion series, Fear The Walking Dead. While Morales was unceremoniously killed off by Daryl (Norman Reedus) shortly after his return, the question remains a hotly-debated topic.

While attending this year’s Austin Film Festival, Gale Anne Hurd, who serves as Executive Producer of both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, took a second from promoting the kickstarter-funded documentary Mankiller, to address the situation. Kind of.

“You know, it’s something we were trying to figure out. When Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple came up with the solution, in one of those shows in an upcoming season, we realized that it was going to enhance both. And we were only going to do it if it was a win-win for both shows.”

While she doesn’t exactly give anything away, it does hint that it’ll happen in Fear The Walking Dead. After all, The Walking Dead is tied up with All Out War, and has a template set forth by Kirkman’s comic book to follow — albeit loosely. While Fear The Walking Dead is an original story not tied to a preexisting narrative. Also, if you read between the lines of Hurd’s quote, it’ll happen in “an upcoming season.” With The Walking Dead’s eighth season underway, that does seem to imply it’ll happen on Fear The Walking Dead, which has been given a thumbs up on a fourth season, though no premiere date has been set.

Just who the lucky(?) cast member to bridge both worlds will be is still up for debate. Though my money’s on Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). After all, I called him being Negan’s first victim last year. Will I go two-for-two? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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