Articles by: Christian Long

Chris Coy On ‘The Deuce’ Season Two and What’s Been Lost Since The Late 70s (INTERVIEW)

In season one of HBO’s The Deuce, Chris Coy’s Paul Hendrickson was an openly gay man trying to find a place he belonged in 1971-era New York City. Now, the season two premiere, which airs ...

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South African Western ‘Five Fingers For Marseilles’ Gets A New Red Band Trailer

Check out the new trailer for South African Western 'Five Fingers For Marseilles' ahead of its theatrical release on September 7th

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The Creators Of ‘Searching’ On Crafting Their Tech-Facing Mystery Movie (INTERVIEW)

"If screens are so important to telling these stories, then obviously we live our lives on them. And if we live our lives on them, let's just tell a story on them." - 'Searching' director ...

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‘Affairs Of State’ Is Less Than The Sum Of Its Ambitions (FILM REVIEW)

It's basically a 'House of Cards' version of 'The Secret Of My Success'

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Recreating Realism With The Cast And Crew Of ‘Skate Kitchen’ (INTERVIEW)

“I always start with personalities, and they had this charisma that always gets me,” says Crystal Moselle, co-writer and director of Skate Kitchen. The film, which opens in theaters this weekend, tells the story of ...

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The Cast Of ‘Get Shorty’ On The Show’s Ambitious Second Season (INTERVIEW)

Get Shorty, which returns for its second season this weekend on EPIX, might be named after Elmore Leonard’s 1990 novel, but it only takes loose inspiration from its framework of gangsters taking over the movie ...

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‘The Meg’ Is The Meggiest Movie Ever Megged (FILM REVIEW)

We're gonna need a megger meg.

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Brian Huskey Talks Getting Weirder For The Return Of ‘Mr. Neighbor’s House’ (INTERVIEW)

The idea, surprisingly, did not come from a fever dream -- but we asked just to make sure

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‘Izzy Gets The F*ck Across Town’ Is A Masterpiece Of Punk-Fueled Cinema (FILM REVIEW)

Mackenzie Davis shines as a hot mess caught in a desperate situation

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Despite Dino-sized Plotholes, ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Is Still Kinda Fun (FILM REVIEW)

The charm is gone, but the fun still remains.

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