SONG PREMIERE: Dallas Moore Delivers Twangy Anthem “Somewhere Between Bridges”

Dallas Moore’s old-school country sound developed honestly, following over 20 years of sharing stages and studios with his honky-tonk heroes. Satellite radio support, paired with a willingness to perform over 300 shows a year, finds the seasoned veteran positioned to reach the Americana masses with his forthcoming album Mr. Honky Tonk.

Recent career strides caught the attention of producer/country-music heavyweight Dean Miller, son of Roger Miller and an accomplished songwriter himself, having penned tunes with George Jones, Hank Williams III, Jamey Johnson and more. Miller entered Baird Music Group’s Nashville studio with Moore and his band to record what was originally planned to be a five-song EP. “Out of all the things we’ve ever done, I think Dean captured what I do way better than anyone else we’ve ever worked with,” Moore says. “It was the best recording experience I ever had.”

The EP turned album after its barnstorming title track—a song Moore actually wrote 20 years prior—gained serious traction on Sirius XM satellite radio’s Outlaw Country channel. The album’s other tunes came more recently, all of them written in the past year and a half, making them clearer snapshots of how sharing stages (and rounds of shots) with his country-music idols has impacted his songwriting. “In the last several years, I’ve been real blessed to tour with a lot of my songwriting influences, and they’ve helped me improve my craft,” Moore says. “Guys like Dean Dillon, Billy Joe Shaver and Ray Wylie Hubbard have been so supportive. It’s really cool when your heroes become your friends, and that’s what happened in the past several years.”

Moore’s stage show—already seen in years past by fans of Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard The Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd—has improved with every opportunity to open for an iconic country or Southern-rock artist. “If you’re playing in the slot before Dean Dillon,” Moore says, “You’d better not suck.”

Another crew of country luminaries performed on the album, including harmonica legend Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Chris Stapleton), famed Nashville session bassist Michael Rhodes and pedal-steel master Steve Hinson. “We walked in to the studio and saw all of these incredible players lined up,” Moore says. “I thought they were there to play with someone else!”

Even with such ample backing, the main attraction on Mr. Honky Tonk is still Moore and his deft skill as a songwriter and lyricist. Once Mr. Honky Tonk arrives in February, expect Moore to play nonstop in support of his new album. He played a whopping 327 shows in 2017, and that was without an album to promote. Who knows, he might just play solo or with his band every single night in 2018.

Glide is proud to premiere “Somewhere Between Bridges” (below) off Mr. Honky Tonk, a twangy anthem that remains right in the pocket and sinfully soulful. While names like Sturgil’ and Stapleton have been getting their Americana due, Moore delivers an authentic charisma that makes his ideal to be a critics’ favorite.

“Somewhere Between Bridges” is the only tune on the new album that I didn’t write,” recalls Moore. “It was penned by my friends Taylor Craven and Bo Roberts. Taylor and I were swapping songs in a round together at the Road To 3rd Street Music Festival in Morgan City, Louisiana. Our set was just before BMI icon Dean Dillon was to perform and we were all pulling out our best songs trying to top one another. When Taylor played “Bridges” I remembered hearing Bo play it earlier in the year at the Florabama. I fell in love with the song and bumped one of my own to get it cut on this album. It’s a simple, classic country song that I think just about everyone can relate to. When we got into the studio with Dean Miller producing, it came together really fast and we nailed it on the first take!”

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3 thoughts on “SONG PREMIERE: Dallas Moore Delivers Twangy Anthem “Somewhere Between Bridges”

  1. Jan lucier Reply

    Dallas Moore rocks! I’ve personally watched his amazing growth in his song writing and his ability to becoming a great musician for 30 yrs! Awesome !

  2. Taylor Craven Reply

    Mighty proud of Dallas. Great job!!

  3. Mike steward Reply

    Have followed Dallas Moore band for many years and have been to many different venues. He is very much deserving of all.
    I personally feel the whole Dallas Moore band are extremely talented
    Great to see all the recognition,much deserved and a little late

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