SXSW: It Turns Out, There Is A Wes Anderson Movie That Bill Murray Would Turn Down

To close out the 25th year of SXSW Film, Wes Anderson’s newest animated feature, Isle of Dogs, screened to an enthusiastic theater full of fans. Afterwards, Robert Rodriguez moderated a Q&A session with Anderson, along with cast members Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Balaban, Kunichi Nomura, along with producer Jeremy Dawson, and music supervisor Randall Poster.

Early on, Rodriguez asked Murray, who’s been featured in eight of Anderson’s films, if there was a project that he wouldn’t agree to co-star in. Murray, who kept referring to Rodriguez as “RoRo,” said that there was one he’d refuse to do, but wouldn’t say exactly what that film was.

“If you say what it is, you know, you get in trouble,” Murray told the crowd.

“I’d rather the mystery of the refusal lay there, just as the unknown. They’re all fine to do, we have a lot of fun working together. The making of the movies with Wes has become living a life of movies. It’s really been a joy to be a part of.”

Murray plays Boss, a former team mascot who’s been exiled to an island off the coast of Japan along with thousands of other dogs thanks to a nefarious plan by a sinister mayor. Anderson’s credited with helping to revive Murray’s career after he careened him into a part for his 1998 movie, Rushmore.

Isle of Dogs opens nationwide on March 23rd. 

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