A Greener New Jersey: A TLG Gallery

Josh Clark makes one of the best O Faces in the business


Ben and Josh make it funky


TLG has really stepped up its light show, contributing to a much better overall concert experience. Coincidentally, I like purple.


One the count of three, Trevor, open your eyes and pretend you’re a chicken


Ben Chambers thumps the bass while likely dreaming of lush marijuana fields


Josh taking a moment for reflection


“I wanna watch you unnnnnnnndressssssss”


Trevor concentrates on making space sounds


It’s a shame I couldn’t make it to New Year’s, but the Mexicali show was a pleasant holiday treat. So as an added bonus, we now present to you these seven cool video clips from the band’s New Year’s Eve show at the Theater of Living Arts in Philly (courtesy of the fine folks over on the TLG Forum):








You can also stream the NYE show right here on the Live Music Archive…

December 28, 2006
Mexicali Blues CafeTeaneck, NJ

Set 1: Apocalyptic Cowboy, Kali-Yuga, Without a Broom, 7th Story, Precious Stone, Jezebel, Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues1, The Garden (Part II), Moonshine, Wet Spot > Death Cake > Wet Spot
Set 2: Franz Hanzerbeak, The Invasion, Zoom Zoom, Piss It Away, Deep River, Planet of Green Love, Faced with Love, Bouncin’ Betty, Reservoir, Freedom
Encore: Earth and Sky
Notes: 1Bob Dylan cover

December 31, 2006 Download Audio
Theatre of Living ArtsPhiladelphia, PA

Set 1: Country Seduction, Panspermic De-evolution > If It Wasn’t for the Money > Panspermic De-evolution, Rapture, Hot Dog, Taught to be Proud, Gasaholic
Set 2: Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine1,2,3, Have a Drink on Me1,4, Franz Hanzerbeak, One Reason, Tequila, Truck Stop Sally, Sex in the 70’s5, Piss It Away, Can You Guess It? > Death Cake > Can You Guess It?, Flippin’ the Bird, The Garden (Part III)
Encore: I’ve Got a Feeling1,6, Georgie P1,7
Notes: w/ The Brakes, 1w/ The Brakes, 2w/ midnight countdown, 3James Brown cover, 4AC/DC cover, 5w/ “Trenchtown Rock” (Bob Marley) tease, 6Beatles cover, 7w/ “This Land is Your Land” (Woody Guthrie) tease

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4 Responses

  1. Ace,
    Was that your 1st time at Mexicali’s? Sweet place, huh? Don’t go telling too many people about it, it’s our little secret over here in the Dirty Jerz.

  2. Yup, Chef, first time there…big fan, and if I had a car I’d be there all the time. They get good bands, the room is sweet, and you can get kosher food all over the place right outside. We parked right outside the Glatt Kosher Chinese Food place.

    By the way, did you see that your namesake died over the holiday break?

  3. No Shit. I guess he tested out one too many of his recipes, one too many times. I’ll have to fire one up to his memory when I get home. RIP Chef 🙁

  4. these guys continue to kick ass and take names. they will be back at irving at the end of march. mexacali was smokin i had such a great time, may actuallly be better than nye

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