Mobius Band: The Loving Sounds of Static

The problem with reviewing really good pop records is that they usually sound a lot like other really good pop records. The desire to heap exorbitant praise is stifled not just by the annoying whispers of journalistic integrity, but also by the hesitancy to diminish a great musical achievement by comparing it to other great musical achievements. The Loving Sounds of Static, the first full-length from Brooklyn via Shutesbury, Massachusetts electro-pop confectioners Mobius Band, is a really good pop record.

Peppering their simple, contagious melodies with electronic textures and perfect guitar hooks, Mobius Band is more humble and disaffected than the Strokes and more organic than the Postal Service. They craft songs for the rest of us: sleeping rock heroes working in cubicles, breaking up with dumb girlfriends, and living on mac

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