LISTEN: Greg Loiacono (Mother Hips) Bridges Grinding Rock & Psychedelia On Riveting New Single “Seed”

“We don’t have a choice about being born. Parents who create us, school teachers that mold us, societies in general rely on a person to live in particular ways that jibe with cultural norms. And we just get thrown into it without a say and eventually become the ones who distribute the norms.”  – Greg Loiacono

“Who AM I?” Perhaps the greatest rhetorical question of all. It is something that many of us have pondered in moments in which our minds are left to wander a plane that is much bigger than us. We think about it when we think of where we fit and how we fit and many of us may have thought about it more in the last four years than any other time in our lives. Mother Hips co-frontman, Greg Loiacono has no answer, but his new single, “Seed,” available for streaming today on all digital outlets, is a soundtrack. “Seed” revisits Loiacono’s specific brand of psychedelia. And it is time for that. His last album was beautifully soft and thoughtful, marrying gentle, soaring vocals to wooden instruments and understated drums. “Seed” announces a counterpoint and is the other side of Loiacono’s coin. 

Where the song’s lyrics are in their own way provocative, the music is straight ahead. This one lacks the quirk that has marked so many of Loiacono’s past trippers. “Seed” instead, is driving with grinding guitar lines and pounding drums and thumping bass that heighten a sense of frustration. Greg took this one into his own hands – literally. He sings and plays all parts (guitar, bass, and synthesizer) on his own while Patrick Spurgeon (Rogue Wave) beats the hell out of his drums. The sound of this one fits our collective mood. The song is just a little uncomfortable and irritated – like us. We’re tired, confused and dragging ourselves to at least a perceived finish line wondering, “What is it we do now? Where do we apply our energy? Who the hell are we? Who am I?” The answer is yours to find, and “Seed” will get you thinking. 

“Seed” was recorded in Oakland, CA by Charles James Gonzales

Written by Greg Loiacono  Poncen Music ASCAP

Greg Loiacono- vocals, guitars, bass, synthesizer

Patrick Spurgeon- drums and percussion

Engineered by Chuck Gonzalez

Mixed by Charles James Gonzalex and Greg Loiacono

Mastered by Anthony Puglisi

Artwork by Chuck Harris 

Recorded at Coyote Hearing in Oakland, California

Video by Zach Rodell

Photo by Andrew Quist


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