SONG PREMIERE: Elias Bendix Grooves With New Orleans Soul Stalwart Derwin Perkins On “Revolution”

Pop wunderkind Elias Bendix from Denmark has a musically mixed background. Bendix’ childhood in France, Italy, and Spain sparked his curiosity for different music cultures and is a vivid source of inspiration for his self-made art-funk world. His latest destination is clean-cut funky pop embracing love in all its complexity.

On his latest track “Revolution,” Bendix has teamed up with New Orleans soul legend Derwin “Big D” Perkins for a contagiously late ’80s white funk anthem that screams “I just got Eli rolled”. Yes think a bit of Rick Astley, The Gap Band,and Steve Winwood gelled into a nostalgic themed hit. Get them floral print shirts out and grab a blast for this premiere….

“I wrote the song on a trip in New Orleans inspired by the second line culture, where people meet on Sunday for parades with music, dance, food, and partying,” reflects Bendix. “Besides experiencing one of the wildest musical feelings of fellowship, I also had the guitar lesson of my life in a Norwegian church with Derwins Perkins, aka BIG D. Every time I asked ‘how do you play gospel?’ or ‘how do you play that funky soul riff?’ he’d reply ‘you already know this.’ It was a magical guitar lesson where we exchanged ideas, and I really felt like he learned just as much from me, which might seem weird at first. Anyway, he invited me to visit and record at his music studio in Florida. I stayed at his place and he rearranged the bridge to “Revolution,” which is really soulful and captures the ‘Big Easy’ New Orleans way.”

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