LISTEN: Ida Maria Drops Fierce Proto Punk Single “Celebration”

Those familiar with Ida Maria will recall the global critical acclaim she received with her debut album Fortress Round My Heart. While overseas Maria was coined as the “Indie Rocker It Girl,” stateside comparisons were flowing.

Check out the fierce and rollicking new single, “Celebration” from Ida Maria. With gut-punching vocal power, Maria cuts across a wide and steadfast low-end groove with ferocious garage rock kick. “Celebration” blends the punk flair of the Runaways and The Muffs with Maria’s own brand of Garage Rock pizazz.

The latest single, “Celebration” is a raucous anthem for all young women on the planet that finds Ida enjoying life to its fullest, singing in the chorus, “We’re going to wake up the neighborhood” amidst a swirl of punk riffs and furious screams. “It is a kick of happiness, seeing the opportunities on what’s in front of you,” says Ida of the song. “It’s about the game between men and women, men are not sure if they should pay for everything, or if they should support the woman in her career. It’s about the dynamic, let’s meet and have a good time,” says Maria.

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