Turn The Page: New Album from the Chairman

Legacy Recordings will release Page McConnell, the much anticipated debut solo album from the keyboardist/songwriter, on April 17.

Page composed nine new pieces for this first solo album, which introduces fascinating new musical facets and lyrical concerns from an ever-evolving artist. Page McConnell combines the signature heartfelt vocals, memorable musical hooks, and complex animated improvisations that made his contributions to Phish so vital.

McConnell says of the album, “I started working on it about two years ago, not with an end goal in mind, but for the joy of the process. As the project evolved, I realized the songs held together as a body of work with some recurring themes, especially that of new beginnings. The last few years have been a time of great personal and professional transition, and I think that’s reflected in the album.”

McConnell worked closely throughout with engineer and co-producer Jared Slomoff, drummer Jon Fishman and guitarist Adam Zimmon. Mike Gordon and Trey Anastasio also make significant contributions. The album was recorded in Vermont and Brooklyn between January 2005 and June 2006 and was mixed by Bryce Goggin, who first worked with McConnell in 1999 as producer on Phish’s Farmhouse. Stay tuned to PageMcConnell.com for more information.

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New Album Track Listing:
Beauty Of A Broken Heart
Heavy Rotation
Maid Marian
Close To Home
Runaway Bride
Back In The Basement
Rules I Don’t Know
The Complex Wind
Everyone But Me

Make sure to check out this teaser YouTube clip of Page makin’ music: 


Update: Our friend Some Dude over at Hits From the Blog reminds us that Page played all of these tracks at moe.down this past year, and you can surely download the torrent from that performance right here.

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13 Responses

  1. Do they add people to the Jazzfest lineup?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Page sit-in for a tasty So Lonely with The Police at Bonnaroo.


  2. Yikes. That tracklisting looks like something Morrisey would have put out. The only thing missing would be a song called something like “The Boy Who Enjoyed Nothing” or “Leo The Lonely Child Of Palm Beach.”

  3. I am pretty sure that engineer and co-producer Jared Slomoff played bass on several if not all of the tracks. Is this true? How is bass playing?

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