January 26, 2007

Turn The Page: New Album from the Chairman

Apparently Page McConnell hasn’t dropped off the face of the earth after all.

The former Phish keyboardist, Vida Blue leader and target of the chicks in the front row will be releasing an eponymous album on April 17th through Sony/BMG’s Legacy Recordings (hopefully Page will have better luck at a major label than his former bandmate Trey Anastasio). Rumor has it that a club tour will follow: It’ll be great to see the Chairman of The Boards and/or Henrietta back on the road.

Read on after the jump for more details on Page’s soon-to-be hit new album…

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Rotary Downs Takes NYC By Storm

Men, suck in your gut and comb your sideburns: The lovely SuperDee is here. Our favorite female rock writer brought NOLA’s Rotary Downs to town last weekend, and she wants you to set your radio dial so you can hear them this weekend.

The city is built
To music, therefore never built at all,
And therefore built forever.
~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Can a rock ‘n roll band save a sunken city? Hurricane Katrina and her aftermath seized many souls from the beloved city of New Orleans. Its denizens have been spread all over the country, if they survived the storm.

Those who stayed behind or returned home after mandatory evacuation were faced with the daunting task of rebuilding a city below sea level. They not only have to construct physical homes and infrastructure, but they have to rejuvenate the unique spirit of this place that so many hold close to their hearts.


We all know how powerful music can be in its ability to affect social change and expedite healing. The history of New Orleans is so deeply rooted in its music that it only makes sense the rebuilding would start with the artists. Habitat for Humanity acknowledges this with its Musicians’ Village project to build houses for displaced musicians: Bring the music back, bring New Orleans back.

But it’s not only the sound of brass and blues that are bubbling back up in this aftermath. An unlikely sound from the Crescent City is emerging to do its part to revitalize the city’s music scene — indie rock. Rotary Downs is a band that is rising to this challenge. Read on about the band that just turned New York heads…

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Friday’s Leftovers

January may not be big on seeing live music, but it is by far the best month for news about seeing live music. Already this month we’ve digested tons of

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Good Goes The Bad Plus

Our good friend Neddy likes good music, and he wants you good folks to like good music as well. So listen to him when he preachifies about The Bad Plus.

Sometimes it’s a match made in heaven. Destiny, if you will — the people, the places, the times: Tiger Woods at Augusta, the Grateful Dead at Winterland, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson at the Continental Congress, and The Bad Plus at the Village Vanguard. Yeah, you heard me.


I’ve seen the Bad Plus over a dozen times at various rooms and outdoor shows over the past three years, and it’s always been a treat. But nothing beats the magic of those three guys at the vaunted Village Vanguard: It is magic, nothing less. This week they’re celebrating their fifth week at the club, and the first set of the first night was the place I had to be…

Read on for more of Neddy’s review, especially if you’ve never heard ’em. In other words, get into new shit, you stubborn dipshits.

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Page McConnell To Release Debut Solo Album

Legacy Recordings will release Page McConnell, the much anticipated debut solo album from the keyboardist/songwriter, on April 17. Page composed nine new pieces for this, his first solo album, which

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