VIDEO PREMIERE: Jad Fair & Kramer Profess Love For The Warm Sound Via “I Miss My Analog Warmth”

“Long live analog, says Kramer about the title of his latest song- and we hear you loud and clear about the sound’s warm and fuzzy signal. Jad Fair & Kramer are back with their third collaboration on (and first in almost 20 years): The History of Crying, a 12-track record produced and recorded by Kramer at his studio in Florida, Noise Miami. Long-time fans of Jad Fair will be blown away by his vocals on the album, and fans of Butthole Surfers will go “hog wild” for Paul Leary’s fire guitar solos across the record. 

Glide is premiering the hot video for “I Miss My Analog Warmth” which is a fiery Devo-ish cut that shows the duo at its most obscenely creative.

“The song title tells the whole story in a bugnutty nutshell. Artists summarily surrendered quality for expediency when they tossed their analog tape machines into the trash bins of history and took up laptops in which real sound is converted to digital signals in the form of zero’s and one’s. The warmth and saturation that made analog tape so great had been replaced by the kind of digital cold that freezes the ears. JAD FAIR & KRAMER (with some analog synth hysterics by Butthole Surfer PAUL LEARY) are celebrating the return of tape machines and the warmth of the sun with this new video by Claus Frøhlich.

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