WATCH: Yard Act Make U.S. Television Debut With Blistering Version Of “The Overload”

Yard Act

Yard Act made their U.S. television debut last night on The Tonight Show, performing the title track off of their debut album The Overload

Yard Act’s post-punk sound is refreshing, combining at times purposely-somewhat-out-of-tune guitar playing with spoken-word-delivered lyrics, and “backing vocals” that accentuate certain phrases, delivered much like a hip-hop hype man.

The band’s look and delivery — on stage complete with Smith’s everyday manl-like looks and frenzied pacing about, with guitarist Sam Shjipstone’s mustachioed grimace, and intentionally-overplayed chords and single-note riffs bashed out on his trusty Telecaster — leaves to the imagination what might have happened if the former Wham! Singer and Les Claypool each had their own mutant offspring who were left to fend for themselves and grew up in a urine-stenched Leeds punk-rock club.

Yard Act is definitely something the neighbors would appreciate kept in the backyard rather than being displayed in the front.

Yard Act was formed in Leeds, West Yorkshire, U.K. when Vocalist James Smith and Bassist Ryan Needham joined forces after being members of Leeds bands Post War Glamour Girls and Menace Beach, respectively – two bands that in 2016 combined efforts and together released the “split EP,” Split 7. Needham still is a member of Menace Beach.

BBC’s Sound – an app that combines BBC Radio stations, programming, shows, and podcasts – included Yard Act in its 2022 shortlist of bands to watch.

Watch Yard Act perform “The Overload” on The Tonight Show via the YouTube clip below:

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