LISTEN: Party Of The Sun Keep It Breezy & Nick Drake Edged On “Hymns Forgot”

Photo by Ben Conant

Party of the Sun is a psychedelic folk band from New Hampshire, comprised of Ethan McBrien, Rory Hurley, and Garrett Cameron. Writing and recording in various nature-bound locations, such as a small New England sheep farm, the band has released three EPs and two full-length albums over the span of just a few years.

Exploring themes of connectedness, time, nature, and fatherhood, Party of the Sun crafts timeless folk with nods to psychedelia and Americana. Party of the Sun has been featured in television shows such as Deputy on Fox and Charmed on The CW. They have shared the stage with acts including Haley Heynderickxx, William Tyler, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, and more.

“Hymns Forgot”, the latest single from New Hampshire’s Party of the Sun, is a driving, meditative folk-rock jaunt combining elegant vocals and harp-like acoustic guitar riffs with creeping overdriven amps and buried psychedelic ambiance. It seems to be constantly building towards a climax that never quite comes, leaving the palpable underlying intensity to fill in the blanks in the listener’s mind and create an energy that may surprise you from such a seemingly mellow tune. 

“The band has been sharing “journal entries” to coincide with each monthly release – providing a glimpse into the process and the imagery surrounding it. Here’s the entry for “Hymns Forgot” below.
“Cold snap comes on the heels of deep snow. A string of days below zero and we remember our bones. The cambium chorus creaks. Rory’s mix arrives the day the power company cuts trees along the road. We accept this and feel it. I count 95 rings on the fallen oak by Sam’s. I a/b the mixes note how delicate this one ended up despite its driving beat, Rory has coined it a “nylon boogie”. We complete the effort on a blue jay day, late January, new moon,” says Ethan McBrien

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