WATCH: IDLES Deliver Blistering Performance Of “Crawl!” On ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

IDLES appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Thursday night (Spoon originally was on the schedule) and turned in a TV-ready, blistering performance of “Crawl!”

IDLES, who are appearing today at Coachella — explaining why their guest spot on Colbert was so primed for the cameras — rammed Crawl! down viewers’ throats in a performance reminiscent of a possessed Stooges from the ’70s.

The band, presumably on a sound stage somewhere in Indio and utilizing their full stage setup but without a live audience, kicked into “Crawl!” with drummer John Beavis pounding on the kit as the camera flashed on guitarist Lee Kiernan’s effects rack (which included a POG2 pedal for all you gear nerds) and singer Joe Talbot screamed, “So Alive …”

Everything a punk rock fan could hope for is right there in the opening moments of IDLES’ Colbert performance, which altogether was a mesmerizing visual whirlwind.

The band just performed in San Diego the night before (April 13) with a 20-song set that included “Crawl!” right in the middle as the 10th song of the night. IDLES performed an almost identical setlist on April 1 at the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival in Cardiff, Wales, which leads one to believe they will turn in a similar set today at Coachella. 

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