Kate Bush Hits #1 In U.K. With “Running Up That Hill” – 37 Years After Initial Release

If you have been online at all in the past month, you’re aware that Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things released the first half of its fourth season to wide critical acclaim. The series is known for tapping into nostalgia and dressing the characters exactly like the decade the show is placed in. This season featured 80’s clothing and music. Everyone is aware that the shows like this have an influence on the culture, but no one was ready for what this series would do for Kate Bush. 

Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” was used in Stranger Things and since its premiere, the single from her 1985 album Hounds of Love has sky-rocketed to the top of the charts. “Running Up The Hill” now has the throne of the number one single in the U.K. Upon its release, the single reached the #3 on the charts but now the song has taken on a life of its own. Bush now holds the new record for the longest gap between No.1 singles in the chart’s history. 

Bush has been sharing her appreciation for the resurgence in the single and she shared a new one today via her website. Check out the full statement below: 

The Duffer Brothers have created four extraordinary series of Stranger Things in which the child actors have grown into young adults. In this latest series the characters are facing many of the same challenges that exist in reality right now. I believe the Duffer Brothers have touched people’s hearts in a special way, at a time that’s incredibly difficult for everyone, especially younger people.

By featuring Running Up That Hill in such a positive light – as a talisman for Max (one of the main female characters) – the song has been brought into the emotional arena of her story. Fear, conflict and the power of love are all around her and her friends.

I salute the Duffer Brothers for their courage – taking this new series into a much more adult and darker place. I want to thank them so much for bringing the song into so many people’s lives.

 I’m overwhelmed by the scale of affection and support the song is receiving and it’s all happening really fast, as if it’s being driven along by a kind of elemental force.

 I have to admit I feel really moved by it all.
 Thank you so very much for making the song a No 1 in such an unexpected way

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