Highly Influential Guitarist Tom Verlaine of Television Dies at 73

Television guitarist/vocalist Tom Verlaine died Saturday (1/28/23) at the age of 73 after a short illness. One of the most respected guitarists and composers of his time Verlaine was a vital figure in the New York 70s rock scene that influenced countless musicians.

With his progressive guitar techniques (delay, reverb) that roared with a psychic prowess unheard of at that time, Television became one of the forerunners in the early post-punk era with their first two highly influential albums Marquee Moon and Adventure. Verlaine also released ten solo albums his most recent being two in 2006 on the Thrill Jockey Label. While not as prolific in the studio in recent years, Verlaine’s sound could be heard from new bands like Pavement, Parquet Courts and The Strokes.

Check out Television performing “Foxhole” live and read some other reactions to Verlaine’s death on Twitter below…

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