CAUSTIC COMMENTARY: Ratboys, Rufus Wainwright, El Michels Affair, Depeche Mode & More

The cliche “Spring has sprung” has begun popping up in throw pillows in department stores across the country. We are well into 2023 and the new music just keeps on rolling out, this week is no different. Across all genres, fans are receiving new music from storied legends and fresh faces, every release being greeted with a toothy grin and the utmost excitement. With power hitters like Miley Cyrus and Musiq Soulchild taking over the airwaves for today, don’t let that distract you from everything else that was released on this beautiful New Music Friday. 

Check out Glide’s picks for the best new music from this week: 

The Menzingers – “Bad Actor


The Philadelphia-based punks return for the latest look into their 2019 album, Hello Exile. Their latest single, “Bad Actors” is a resurfaced track from the recording sessions of the aforementioned LP and reminds us of the first time we heard their previous album back in 2019. “Bad Actors” is filled with thrashing musicianship and unforgettable melodies. 

El Michels Affair & Black Thought (Feat. KIRBY) – “Glorious Game” 

Glorious Game 

Both artists coming off of a highly successful 2022, the combo of composer Leon Michels and the storied emcee Black Thought are gearing up to take over 2023. Their new album, Glorious Game is set to release on April 14 via Big Crown Records and the latest single continues to build anticipation. Earlier this week the two released the title track to the upcoming LP. With the psychedelic nature of the hook provided by R&B fan-favorite KIRBY, Michels crafts a simple yet soulful instrumental while Thought raps every syllable like it was his last. 

Rufus Wainwright & Brandi Carlile – “Down In The Willow Garden” 


Through gorgeous harmonies and classic folk tropes, Rufus Wainwright is taking the genre into his own hands. Earlier this week, Wainwright announced Folkocracy, An upcoming album featuring covers of historic folk tunes with some of the biggest names in modern music. The first sneak peek into the album is “Down In The Willow Grove” which features Wainwright teaming up with Brandi Charlie for a hauntingly beautiful ballad. Folkocracy is set to be released on June 2. 

Ratboys – “Black Earth, WI


For their latest single, Ratboys is in no rush at all. Over the span of eight and a half minutes, the midwestern band wowed with stellar song structure and a perfect sense of timing. “Black Earth, WI” is an onslaught of the band’s natural talents as they traverse an expansive soundscape with ease. This marks the first official single since the band’s celebrated 2021 album, Happy Birthday, Ratboy.

Les Imprimés – “If I


The newest addition to the Big Crown family is not letting his foot off the gas. The artist celebrated his new album with the release of “I’ll Never Leave” and now he’s back with another soulful cut. “If I” features Imprimés signature falsetto over a sparse arrangement that archives so much with so little. 

Dinner Party (Feat. Ant Clemons) – “Insane


Ahead of their recent live show in New York City on March 9, the supergroup Dinner Party returns with a new single. Dinner Party Consist of 9th Wonder, Robert Glasper, Terrace Martin, and Kamasi Washington. Together, the band creates soulful jazz and smooth R&B cuts and their latest single is no different. “Insane” marks the band’s first release since their 2020 debut and features Ant Clemons crooning over a smooth rhythm. 

Kool Keith & Real Bad Man (Feat. Ice-T & Slug) – “Fire & Ice


For fans of intricate rhyme schemes and straightforward hip-hop, Kool Keith has returned with fellow legends and storied newcomers. “Fire & Ice” is off of Keith’s upcoming collaborative LP with one of the most prolific and original producers we’ve seen in some years, Real Bad Man. The single features a rolling piano sample that lays the groundwork for Keith to remind us why his longevity should never be in question. Along with stellar performances from both artists, the likes of Ice-T and Slug from Atmosphere drop by for unforgettable contributions. 

Hot Mulligan – “Shhhh! Golf Is On

Why Would I Watch

Hot Mulligan debuted as one of the most exciting voices in pop-punk and since their debut, they’ve proved their potential to be inevitable. The band is gearing up to release their fourth studio LP, Why Would I Watch is set to release on May 12. “Shhh! Golf Is On” is the perfect way to start your day, the immense amount of emotion and passion put into every aspect of this song makes it a proper first look into the upcoming album. 

Depeche Mode – “My Cosmos Is Mine

Memento Mori

With the release of their new album only weeks away, the legendary Depeche Mode drops off one more single before we get the full LP. The duo is barreling towards the release of Memento Mori, the band’s fifteenth studio album and first since 2017’s Spirit. “My Cosmos Is Mine” features complex yet minimal textures while the echoes of the vocals add an extra layer of depth to the whole song. 

Conway The Machine & Jae Skeese – “Metallic 5’s

Pain Provided Profit 

After teasing the album for what felt like forever, the collaborative album from Conway The Machine and Jae Skeese is finally here. The album was released via Drumwork Music Group, Conway’s personal imprint that is already gearing up to be the next best thing. “Metallic 5’s” has Conway and Skeese taking turns weaving bars together over a dusty instrumental with murky drums provided by Real6. 

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