Antigone Rising: Let The Music Do The Talking

The South by Southwest Music and Media Conference – music’s version of the Sundance Film Festival – has naturally become the fitting event to be both heard and discovered. It was only more fitting that Antigone Rising experienced their coming out party at this year’s event. Following their gutsy performances, Antigone Rising was proclaimed in a Rolling Stone spread by renowned critic David Fricke: “Signed to Lava Records, these five women turned in the killer Big Rock show of the festival, with Lynyrd Skynyrd-army guitars, the country-gospel harmonies of a biker Dixie Chicks and a Janis Joplin-esque vocal dynamo named Cassidy.”

Obviously an impressive showing, but Cassidy herself, reflects on her band’s time spent in front of industry big wigs a bit more humbly. “It’s not more special because David Fricke is in the audience,” she notes. “The biggest thing that we do when we see that David Fricke is in the audience is that we say,

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