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driftwood32Hailing from upstate New York this organic four piece plays Americana folk with ease and grace on their self titled third release. Recorded in an old church with help from Grammy winning engineer Robby Hunter the group blends melodies and strings to create a warm sound.

Opening with a stripped down sense on “High School Paycheck” the band quickly kicks it up via their first single “The Sun’s Going Down” which proves to be a disk highlight with its immensely catchy upbeat chorus. “The Carburetor & The Steam Engine” takes the listener on a journey with some impassioned lyrics and creative playing leading to a powerful musical ending.

The group’s three headed vocal charge is an immediate draw as Joe Kollar, Dan Forsyth and Claire Byrne all add their stamp to the songs with lyrics contributed by each as well. The tracks where they harmonize together are the best ones on the disk as the vocals flow into each other and out again.

The picking and violin work on “Outer Space” is engaging even if the lyrics are a bit odd while “Company Store” lazily deals with work and love. Uniquely “Buffalo Street” opens with some jazz-like plucks before breaking into whistling and organ fills. For these upcoming cold winter nights toss Driftwood on, roar a fire, sip some whiskey and feel comfortable.

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