Review: Phish New Year’s Eve @ MSG

Glide’s Eric Ward penned a review of Phish’s insane New Year’s Show for Hidden Track and the main site. Check out the beginning of Eric’s review here and then click over to read the end at

Words: Eric Ward
Image: Adam Kaufman

The last time Phish celebrated New Years Eve at Madison Square Garden, it was an overly-hyped comeback show to what would eventually become a turbulent, short-lived second phase of their career.  This time, eight years later, it was a much more comfortable embrace, with the band back on solid ground, an open-ended view of the future, and a proper nod to ghosts of hot dogs past.

[Photo from 12/30 by Adam Kaufman]

Yes, if you thought the ‘Flying Hot Dog’ had found its final resting place at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, apparently it made its way, under cover of darkness, back to the east coast.   Its surprising reemergence was a fitting tribute to the band’s illustrious career, and a humble assurance of an auspicious road ahead.

That was of course close to midnight.  Three and a half hours earlier, they took the stage to an energetic holiday roar, and wasted little time getting things started with a powerful Punch You in the Eye, AC/DC Bag combo to kick off the evening.  With the holiday jitters out of the way, Moma Dance brought the pace down a bit and gave guitarist Trey Anastasio a chance to settle into the first real groove of the night – a precursor to set two, which would find the band locked in, on point, and ironically patient on a night where everyone has an eye on the clock.

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