Review: Phish New Year’s Eve @ MSG

Glide’s Eric Ward penned a review of Phish’s insane New Year’s Show for Hidden Track and the main site. Check out the beginning of Eric’s review here and then click

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The Silver Screen: Movies Turning 25

A couple of weeks ago I made one of those random Spinal Tap references that seem to come up all too often when you’ve had a few beers and you’re over analyzing rock minutiae with a group of old friends. In response, someone casually noted that it was actually the 25th anniversary of the cult classic this year, which although seems completely plausible, is mind-blowing when I think of the quarter-century that’s passed so damn quickly. But that cold water reality check got me to dig up the rest of the class of ‘84, just to see who else had reached the Silver Anniversary this year. What I found was an instant Netflix queue of “not so” timeless classics.

Beverly Hills Cop (Released Winter ‘84)

Back when Eddie Murphy was still relevant, Axel Foley was the ultimate rogue cop with a smile. The BHC franchise is a vintage Murphy, and the first is a must-see, but the real gem here is the instrumental, “Axel F” which just never gets old.


for more of Wardy’s list of movies turning 25 this year…

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The B List: 10 Favorite TV Theme Songs

Since you’ll either be taking your girl out for a fancy dinner and some obligatory couch cuddling, or sitting home with your roommates knee deep in bong hits and pizza tonight, we thought we’d devote our Valentine’s Day edition of the B List to the best television theme songs of all time. With the advent of reality TV, and more airtime minutes going to advertisers than to actual television programming, the theme song has kind of become a ‘Nick at Night’ novelty.

When we went through the possible contenders, it was tough to come up with anything even remotely contemporary. Thankfully cable (namely HBO) threw us a few bones, but it was difficult to scrounge much up. It’s clear the best of the best were from a time of TV past.

So whether you’re spooning her while finishing off a bottle of red and some chocolates, or channel surfing and chain smoking alone on your busted Ikea futon tonight, here are some classics to set on the DVR.

10. Welcome Back Kotter

Long before the hipsters took over Brooklyn, Vinnie Barbarino was pulling down more ass than anyone in a black hoodie and Chuck Taylors could ever dream of. Written by former Lovin’ Spoonful frontman John Sebastian, “Welcome Back” is a mellow, 70s stroll through the graffiti-laden streets and subway overpasses of the now chic outer borough. Read on for a video of John Sebastian’s classic, as well as nine other incredible TV theme songs…

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