Giveaway: Bustle In Your Hedgerow @ BB

Can you believe it’s been nearly eight years since Led Zeppelin tribute band Bustle In Your Hedgerow first performed at Rocks Off promoter Jake Szufnarowski’s 30th Birthday Party? Since the heady Summer of ’03, the group – featuring Marco Benevento, Scott Metzger, Joe Russo and Dave Dreiwitz – has played a smattering of shows every few months of so.

Each band member puts in plenty of time with their main projects, making Bustle shows more and more of a rarity. The band’s next set of gigs takes place on Thursday, February 24th and Friday, February 25th at Brooklyn Bowl in New York City.  As part of our legendary (in our own minds) Everybody Wins When We Plug Something And In Return They Offer Us Free Shit To Give Away program, we’ve got two pairs of Bustle tickets for two lucky readers. The winner gets to pick which night they want to go.

To enter, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling us what musician you would pick to sit in with Bustle In Your Hedgerow at these shows if it was up to you. Might as well tell us why you chose that person as well, though it’s not a requirement. Your comment must be left by Tuesday, February 22nd at 11:59 AM and anyone found entering more than once will be thrown off the island. Two winners will be selected at random from all entries and if you win, your name will be on the guest list with a “+1.”

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26 thoughts on “Giveaway: Bustle In Your Hedgerow @ BB

  1. shoe5548 Reply

    Grace Potter-have you heard her sing ‘Whole Lotta Love’??

  2. Aaron B Reply

    seriously? the four of these guys lock in together and just rip it–why would you EVER want someone to sit in with em?

    but if you insist–i’d vote for jim james to sit in on vocals and wail away with his best plant impression

  3. Paul Hordan Reply

    Billy Martin – come out for Moby Dick drum solo with Russo

  4. Dave Reply


  5. Ian Reply

    robert plant!

  6. noah_s Reply

    Gene Ween for some over the top crazy vox on Immigrant Song

  7. bonni Reply

    Prince. He didn’t show up last time he was rumored to at BB, so I think he should now. He could totally wail on some Zep. That would be AMAZING!!!

  8. Brendan Cohen Reply

    Tom Petty

  9. PaulyWalnuts Reply

    Chuck Garvey – only satan can give zep the proper treatment!

  10. Terminal5Sucks Reply

    nigel hall.

    thank god its not at Terminal 5.

  11. Howie Reply

    Someone already said my answer, but jim james. He’s got the vocals and zepelin rock guitar sound to make for a good sit

  12. Charlie Reply

    Spencer Krug. But this is a tough choice cus Metzger more than holds his own.

  13. Del Reply

    Rodrigo Sanches de Rodrigo y Gabriela. He can more than hold his own on electric guitar and he could throw down with some SABOR with the boys of Bustle. How cool would it be to see that?

  14. Rob Riemersma Reply

    I would like to see Eric Krasno sit in. Most of these musicians will probably sit in with Krasno during Bowlive, so it’s fitting for him to sit in with them during Bustle. 🙂 I’d like Friday tickets if I win.


  15. Robert Stam Reply

    Dave Grohl! He loves Zeppelin!

  16. Guy Forget Reply

    Justin Bieber! His scotch soaked buttery tones would be the perfect compliment to what happens when the lemon is squeezed. I’m gonna fall right out of bed!

  17. andrew Reply

    I’d pick John Paul Jones because A. Duh, and B. he’s been known to sit in with up-and-coming tallant (especially when they’re covering Zep tunes)

  18. Dayjob1978 Reply

    Big Red baby! I am secretly looking for a Trey sit-in at every show I see.

  19. Jimmy Z. Reply

    John Kadlicek, Russo’s bandmate in Furthur. There was an interview with him on where he professed his love for Zep and the tremendous influence Jimmy Page had on him when he was first learning how to play!

  20. Jimbo Reply

    LEMMY! Motorhead is in town…

  21. Casey Ryback Reply

    Karl D, the band could use some horn

  22. Adam Schneider Reply

    Warren Hayne and or Derek Trucks

    Why? Do I really need to answer that?

  23. Adam Schneider Reply


  24. Diana Reply

    Tim Palmieri, because he’s one of the sickest guitarists out there and kills zep!

  25. Chris Reply


  26. Samuel Lucas Reply

    Josh Clark. He brings the motherfucking ruckus.

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