Friday Mix Tape: Get sMashed Up

First, I’d like to start by saying that aside from receiving Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers for Christmas in the 8th grade, I’ve never been very interested in hip-hop or rap. Rap was just never…palatable. I’ve felt pretty strongly about this until Girl Talk popularized the mashup with Feed the Animals.

When done correctly mashups create a more perfect union. They combine the poetry, flow and hooks of rap/hip-hop with the instrumental ingenuity that structures every other genre.   What’s often overlooked is that this is a bootleg culture. The viral format can spread the word and make the worthy famous – just like bootlegs always have. (See: Phish, DJ Danger Mouse, Wale) Whether its a mashup, Mix Tape, rap, rock or remix, this is the next evolution in popularizing the underground.

1. The intro alone: OutKast + Spencer Davis Group
2. Two of the best albums of 2010: Big Boi +Black Keys
3. A classic from two classics: Jay-Z + The Beatles
4. Deadly track from the Liverpool Shaolin: Wu-Tang + The Beatles
5. Only way you could make the original cooler: Dr. Dre + Class Actress

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2 thoughts on “Friday Mix Tape: Get sMashed Up

  1. Spirit Fingaz Reply

    Nice little mix you’ve got here.

  2. kyle Reply

    I love Mash ups and girltalk is some fantastic shiz I do love this page.

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