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It's time for another Jean-Claude Van Damme inspired week-ending compilation.

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Van Damn!! It’s Friday Mix Tape!

We're back with another Van Damn!! It's Friday Mix Tape.

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Cajun mullets and snake punching: Welcome to the Halloween V.D.I.F. Mixtape. Today, we prove that a Halloween soundtrack doesn’t have to include Monster Mash, Thriller or the Ghost Busters Theme. PUNCH THE SNAKE

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Now listen here: You see that little man down there? The one with the adjustable wife-beater and pleated parachute pants…do you see what he is doing? He’s absolutely murdering that bamboo dance floor. Meanwhile, look at ...

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Keller and The Keels Played Your Couch

Have you ever imagined seeing one of your favorite bands back in the day? You know, when they were playing bars and frat parties for anyone that would listen? Seeing them now, it’s hard to ...

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Friday Mix Tape: VAN DAMN! IT’S FRIDAY!

This Mix Tape isn’t like the one you made for little Mary Mooseknuckle in the 9th grade; there is no mystical common denominator that threads the songs into a existential metaphor. You want to know ...

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Friday Mix Tape: Get sMashed Up

First, I’d like to start by saying that aside from receiving Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers for Christmas in the 8th grade, I’ve never been very interested in hip-hop or rap. Rap was just never…palatable. I’ve felt ...

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Review: Phish – Atlantic City Night Two

Phish @ Boardwalk Hall - October 30, 2010 Since the begining of the Halloween Musical Costume tradition, Phish has historically taken the night of October 30th off, playing ...

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Review: Badfish @ The 9:30 Club

Supported by openers Bob, Future and Scotty Don’t - Badfish’s alter ego- the premiere Sublime cover band took the stage to a relatively crowded 9:30 club in Washington ...

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Review: Blues Traveler @ State Theater

Another week, another new contributor. Please welcome Kevin Smallwood to the team. Kevin will cover the Washington D.C. area for us. The tie-dye shirts over the merchandise table dated most fans rolling into the State ...

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