3GM: SXSW Day 3 – Beats, Heat and Street Meat

Find a Show Stealing Bass Player

White Denim’s Steve Terebecki looks like the brother of Squints Palledorous and if he actually was, he would have stolen Wendy Peffercorn the same way he stole the White Denim showcase and our Best Bass Player award.

Find the Prettiest Guitar

[Prettiest Guitar We’ve Found So Far]

Two words: Jack fucking Daniels.

Find the Prom King of SXSW

[Prom King of SXSW 2011]

We didn’t really know what this category meant until we saw the trombone player from TV on the Radio.

We got to Stubbs for the Spin party a little late. We were dragging ass, to be honest. When we got there, The Kills were on stage and apparently sound problems were turning their moods sour – which of course doesn’t translate well when you’re trying to entertain a crowd. We pushed our way up to the front to see Skrillex’s DJ set, and planned to head out after a couple of TV on the Radio tunes. Of the three of us, the biggest TV on the Radio fan didn’t make it to the show, and the other two of us wanted to make it to Fader Fort for Odd Future and Matt & Kim. But we were hooked within seconds. The set featured both old songs and new ones from their upcoming album and even without Gerard Smith, the bass player and keyboardist who is undergoing cancer treatment, the entire 45 minutes was nonstop flavor.

[TV on the Radio @ Stubbs]

Had the Casio keyboard been invented in Mexico, Dapuntobeat would be the kings of the live electronic music scene. Their experimental disco funk features two drummers, a synthesizer and a magical funk bass guitar that was passed around like a doobie at Woodstock. These guys will change your view on crummy plastic glasses.


Later on we popped into the Phoenix for a quick taste of some hip-hop at an Oakley sponsored party. Dev delivered her brand of crunked out party pop while Cataracts ably backed her up. Das Racist, a band we were very curious to see, were up next. The buzz was backed up nicely as they jumped around stage and spit out line after line of clever pop culture references. No need for a hype man with there guys, they do it all.

[Dev @ The Phoenix]

[Das Racist @ Pheonix]

Part of being a 3GM requires sales. If one of your favorite bands is playing at 1 AM and there is a mile-long line outside the venue – you’d better be able to explain why you dragged everyone there. Luckily, the Mohawk is an open air venue and MSTRKRFT is one step shy of Daft Punk, so it was an easy sale. With Bam Margera on stage, along with a guy whose job is to let people on stage then throw them into the crowd, all we can say is that the Toronto based duo was more than worth the wait.

[MSTRKRFT @ Mohawk]

Once more into the breach. One of us has second degree sunburn, two of us have ruptured ear drums and all of us feel a little Gonzo. Now we’re headed back out for some beats, heat and street meat.

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  1. Go to a bar and ask for their shittiest tequila. That’s what we do. Unfortunately, every bar in Austin has the same tequila

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