Umphrey’s McGee: UMBowl II Setlist, Videos and Recap

UM debuted two originals during Q3. One featured Bayliss playing keys without any accompaniment on a new, untitled original he claimed he finished the night before and bassist Ryan Stasik joining the guitarists for an instrumental that is also yet to be named. Other Q3 “special teams” were each member playing an instrument they don’t usually play for FF, a full-band Big Bottom featuring four bassists and a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Going to California performed by Cinninger and Bayliss.

[Video playlist includes Glory, In The Kitchen (Spanish), “Daft Punk-esque’ jam, “Waful Meets Disco Ball,” Untitled Bayliss song, Going to California, Big Bottom, Another Brick In The Wall/Thriller]

A few weeks before UMBowl attendees were given a ballot to select songs for the band to perform during the “All Request Quarter.” Apparently fans went the song sandwich route for Q4 with Divisions > Glory > Divisions and Blue Echo > 1348 > Blue Echo > 1348 among the selections making the cut. Umphrey’s also debuted a cover of Tom Sawyer by Rush, dusted off their take on Walter Murphy’s A Fifth of Beethoven and unveiled a bluegrass version of Nothing Too Fancy during the fourth and final set. The group’s mash-up of Thriller and Another Brick In The Wall ended the show as the lone encore.

Here’s the complete setlist from UMBowl II:

(8:07) Quarter One: Jazz Odyssey > “Jimmy Stewart” > In The Kitchen*, Bonafide Lovin’ > “Jimmy Stewart”** > Q*Bert > All In Time$ (09:06)

(9:25) Quarter Two: Bring The Funk > Classical Regulate > Heavy Metal Dance Party > Waful Meets Discoball > Soaring Uplifting Jam > Tool Meets Umphrey’s > Moog Cocktail > Take Us To Church > Ambient Jam > I’m In A Video Game > NFL Lockout Jam (10:09)

(10:33) Quarter Three: Ruled By Secrecy^, untitled^^, Going To California@, untitled^^^, Heard It Through The Grapevine^^^^, Great American^^^^^ > jam% > Great American^^^^^, Big Bottom%%, FF%%%, jam&, Much Obliged&&, In Violation Of Yes&&& (11:36)

(11:54) Quarter Four: Nothing Too Fancy$$ > Mrs. Robinson’s Strut, Divisions > Glory > Divisions, A Fifth Of Beethoven, Blue Echo > 1348 > “Jimmy Stewart” > Blue Echo > 1348, Tom Sawyer# (12:48)

(12:51) Overtime: Another Brick In The Wall/Thriller (12:57)

* Spanish version
** with TV Rules the Nation (Daft Punk) jam
$ completes 4/24/10
^ Joel solo; first time played, Muse
^^ Brendan solo on keys; first time played, original
@ Jake on acoustic guitar and Brendan on mandolin
^^^ Jake and Ryan; first time played, original
^^^^ Jake, Ryan, and Andy
^^^^^ Jake, Ryan, Andy, and Joel
% with Jake on drums
%% Jake, Ryan, Andy, and Brendan on bass, Joel on keytar, Kris on drums
%%% Ryan and Kris on guitar, Brendan on Bass, Jake on keys, Andy on drums, Joel on percussion
& Jake on moog Taurus, Ryan on iPhone, Brendan and Joel on keys, Kris on drums, Andy on percussion
&& Brendan, Ryan, and Andy with Mike Mirro on drums
&&& Jake on bass, Brendan on guitar, Joel and Ryan on keys, Andy and Mike on percussion, Kris on drums
$$ bluegrass version, unfinished
# first time played, Rush
last Big Bottom 3/24/07

[via Shpongled of The Bort]

Umphrey’s McGee next plays on April 20 at Stubb’s in Austin, TX. Be sure to enter our first-ever Twitter Giveaway for a chance to win a stage setlist from UMBowl II. We’ll have more on last night’s show soon.

[UMBowl II Intro]

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